just got my first shun.:(

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Unstoppable: I thought it would not [be a] big deal. It's not, really, except it made me feel like trash, worthless.

    Ummm...you don't suppose that's how they wanted you to feel, do you? Remember, it's your house, too, and how do you suppose they would feel if you kicked them out?

    "Hey, honey, have you se...oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had company. Anyway, where did you put the Ouija Board after we used it last night? Also, did you leave me a piece of your birthday cake? I know you gave blood yesterday, but there was still plenty of cake left. Uh, didn't mean to interrupt you ladies...later!"


  • Hortensia

    Well, it was uncomfortable but after a while you'll find that it doesn't make you feel bad any more. It makes me want to give each one of them a squeeze and a kiss, just to watch them cringe. I don't often get the chance to be in their faces anymore, which is a pity since it's so much fun.

  • unstopableravens

    cold: lol that would be great! lol.

  • unstopableravens

    hort: im with ya, in time it will be easier to deal with it.

  • unstopableravens

    log con: that would be the day lol

  • Timothy53

    Actually this is the only power the organization truly has, to take away all social interaction with previous friends and family. The longer you're associated, the tougher it becomes. Find new friends not involved in a cult for starters and enjoy true adult interactions. Time does heal these wounds.

  • tiki

    people are in YOUR house and you come home and they ignore you like you don't exist?!? I'd tell them to get the eff out. that is SO rude.

  • Junebuggie

    I had that happen to me once in my house.. i was df'd, and my daughter was studying with a lady..she came to my house. One time was enough for me,

    I walked into my house, the woman would not speak; but she was drinking a glass of my iced tea, so I went to my bedroom till the study was over...then I told my daughter that they would have to study somewhere else.

    Another incident, i was at the KH & getting ready to leave after the WT study; a lady who was sick asked my daughter if she could have a ride home, i did the Christian thing, and took her home....she would not speak to me, except to say thanks.

    Another incident,,,,a brother needed to borrow a lawn mower,,,came to my house, and would not speak to my then df'd husband...it was my husbands lawn mower, and he said the guy could borrow it.

    I suggest if JW come over again, go in & sit down, and start talking to them...see what happens. It is your house!

  • tec

    I think you already know how to handle it, Unstop. You said this on Losingit's thread:

    losing it: my heart goes out to you, i know what you are dealing with. i also have lost many many friends. you mentioned jesus. what has helped me is also something jesus said to his father as he was about to be put to death"forgive them father they know not what they do" steven said something very close when he was put to death. it a sense we are put to death. it has helped me to say the same request to the father.

    Really, there is also no reason why you cannot continue to speak to them, though they won't speak to you. Might be hard on you at times, but it does give witness to the fact that YOU are not bound by THEIR chains, and YOU are FREE to love whomever you choose... INCLUDING those who set themselves up as YOUR enemies.

    Love to both (((you and losing it)))!

    Peace to you!


  • LongHairGal


    I can't read this and remain silent.

    You should NEVER tolerate being disrespected on your own property. The religion has overstepped its boundaries and these bastards have to be checked.

    You should have gone off on them the way JESUS went off on the money-changers in the temple. Your voice should have been RAISED and they should have headed out the door with their tail between their legs.

    Who cares if these effin' idiots want to "ignore" you in the shopping mall? Your house, however, is your turf and you should control it. I hope you reclaim your dignity.


    You should have taken the glass of iced tea out of her hands and dumped it down the sink. (My non-JW mom did something similar when I had a friend over she did not like).

    That JW woman should walk home.

    This disrespectful garbage should NOT be tolerated and I hope everybody "mans up", if you know what I mean.

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