just got my first shun.:(

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  • unstopableravens
  • unstopableravens

    some ppl from my wifeys old hall were at the house, i did not know .i walked in from work and the whole room went quiet. i thought it would not no big deal, its not really except it made me feel like trash, worthless.

  • laverite

    First of all, who are the trashy acting people in that situation? NOT you!

    Perhaps practice some responses to the shunning. Maybe think about how would you like to respond and mentally go over it and maybe even "practice." It couldn't hurt! Over time, hopefully you will see that you can refuse to give them permission to "make" you feel like anything. You can, with practice, gain control over your feelings in a way that does not let their immature and outright bad behavior hurt you.

    Good luck. You may have felt like "trash/worthless" but the people who were shunning you were the ones who were the real "trash(y)/worthless" ones -- based on their horrible, inhumane behavior.

  • Sapphy

    It does fell horrrible. I bumped into an elder from my (ex) hall at a social thing a month or two ago, so he knows I've been inactive for months. He basically ignored me & I felt tiny and guilty. It will get easier though.

  • cofty

    Do you mean they shunned you in your own house?

    Totally unacceptable!

    I go out my way to chat enthusiastically to JWs when I see them to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. If they ignore me and can't get away, like in a supermarket queue, I ask them what's wrong loud enough for others to hear. Tough love.

    Don' play their games - be confrontational. They are wrong - you are right. Stand tall, be proud.

  • unstopableravens

    thanks guys, cofty: sorta. our living situation is complex. we have one house divided into three parts, her family lives upstairs. i went up stairs to get my mail. we are moving soon. so sorta in my house.

  • cofty

    Unstop have you ever had to deal with a bunch of self-conscious, insecure teenagers who act as if they are the font of all wisdom and all adults are idiots?

    You can either get angry, or you can see the situtation for what it is and find it hilarious. With a bit of wit you can actually enjoy the challenge. Try to view JWs in the same way.

  • unstopableravens

    cofty: true man, i guess for me i always respect ppl, no matter what differance there is, i just exspect the same. but your right thou.

  • Mum

    You have no reason to feel anything but just fine. Remember how Bill Clinton didn't let them ruffle his feathers over Monica Lewinsky? You can cultivate that same attitude. Wayne Dyer would say you made yourself feel "like trash, worthless" because of what you told yourself about the people present at that moment.

    Do not judge yourself based on what others think, do, or manifest. Believe in yourself, no matter what others tell you or try to make you believe. They're the jerks, not you.

    Chin up! Carry on!

  • anonymouz

    JWs shunned me, I felt the same way, worse I was not da or df. It was just the way some were. LOL. Consider it a blessing, really. The JW robot does not compute. The occasional purple penguin on the JW congregational iceberg just does not fit in with the typical JW penguin dress code, specialized garb, clique cult, buzzword bragging backpatting, and peer pressure potluck group huddled around the Bethel Igloo, worshiping the main GB phantom eskimos cryonically brain encased in 1976 in that ice leaven vault of frozen wormwood water. (Rev8:10-11)

    That purple penguin must go out to "sea", and finds it very difficult to reboard the slippery iceberg, as other JW penguins offer zero aid, the head eskimos interred in an iceage of the JW past are also no help but further frozen obstacles, the elder penguins are too busy maintaining the ice. Soon, the purple penguin drifts on the Bible Raft, to purple Antarctica, home of the purple penguins.

    The Killer Whale told the Great White Shark of the underwater crevasse beneath the iceberg connecting to the Igloo. The White Shark swam up the opening and ate the frozen eskimos, one by one, till they were all gone. The JW penguins outside the Igloo, lips stuck to it's walls, do not know the eskimo "gods" are gone, never to be "seen" again.

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