Interestingly disturbing!

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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    We used to attend a congregation that had frequent visitors, who were "on vacation." My parents enjoy going to meetings when they travel. It reassures them that they have brothers and sisters, everywhere they go. I think my dad loves the attention.

  • DS211

    She definitely cares what people in the hall think. Theres a sister who we used to be best friends with who claims my wife called her husband "skinny" and yet they still sort of shun us. My wife went out of her way to find out why she was pissed AND apologized. they claimed forgiveness and now still shun us lol...verrry loving

  • unstopableravens

    ds2: i feel bad that you still have to go, when i stoped going to told my wife straight up no more. just like taking off a bandaid.

  • Violia

    ask her if she cares if you can't pay the rent or light bill or dine out or get her nails done. that should settle it.

  • DS211

    Im reaching that point unstopable...but im afraid of messing up the family. time will tell

  • tiki

    i daresay your classes will be far more informative and meaningful than the lost rhetoric spewing from the platform.

  • Bobcat


    Likely your wife hasn't heard of the Bethel rule: You assigned job comes before your meetings.

    Bethel reserves to itself the right to make some things more important than the meetings.

    Island Man:

    You speak truth Kemosabe! See my post # 967 here.

  • bigmac

    if i were a dub and my wife spoke to me like that--she would get her ass paddled. then let her go squeeling to the elders.

    2 witness rule springs to mind.

  • EverApostate

    I you start to miss 2 meetings in a row, your rational, Independant and logical thinking may kick in. THats why they make you feel guilty about this.

  • whathappened

    If you were a main stream Christian it would not be a problem, but Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult.

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