Unconfirmed 2014 Year Book Numbers - Peak Pubs, Baptized, Hrs, Reg Pio & Studies

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So how about the increase in partakers?

  • steve2

    Thanks emeth. Your optimism is admirable as is your preparedness to participate in discussing this topic. steve

  • Splash

    Tiny, tiny correction to one of the OP's figures.

    Hrs = 1,841,180,235

    Hours actually were a little higher at 1,844,182,235.

    We wouldn't want to forget the service of poor Sister Crippled and all her 15 minute slots, would we!


  • Gayle

    what date did the 2013 yearbook go on jw.org last year? does anyone know?

  • steve2

    Gayle with delightful regularity you have stolen my question. From memory, I think it is mid to late November - but I cannot be sure.

  • leaving_quietly

    Last year, there was a peak of 7,782,346 publishers with an average of 7,538,994 preaching each month. That's a difference of 243,342. The number baptized was 268,777, so in reality, they only had an increase of 25,425 publishers. I suspect we'll see something similar this year, maybe 26-28K more actual publishers than those in name only.

    For this year, looks like over 6600 hours spent on average to bring a person to baptism, 277 full 24-hour days. This is actually an increase, too. Last year, it was 6500 hours for each one, 271 full 24-hour days. Six more full days, on average, to bring someone to baptism. This sounds like it's going in the wrong direction.

  • factfinder

    The baptism figures cannot be used independantly of the publisher figures.

    They are already included in the publisher figures.

    Same for pioneers.

    Any getting baptized have to be publishers first so are counted already in the publisher figures as they ARE publishers, they just had not gotten baptized until the current SY.

    For example: I became a publisher in 1976. I went out in service each month and handed in my FS report each month. I was included in all the publisher reports. But I was not baptized yet.

    I got baptized in 1978. I was included in the baptism figures for that year. I was included in the publisher figures that year.

    But I was ALSO included in the publisher figures from late 1976-mid 1978 before I got baptized.

    So was everyone else who got baptized that year.

    So we cannot use baptism figures to determine how many publishers became inactive because everyone who got baptized WAS already being counted as a publisher.

    If someone added to the publisher figure the number who were baptized that year they would be counting everyone who got baptized twice because they are already being counted as a publisher.

    I was a publisher for a long time before getting baptized, when I got baptized I did not ADD to the publisher count as I was one already, I was just included in that years baptism report.

    We can only compare publisher figures from year to year to see what increase or decrease took place that year.

  • leaving_quietly

    Oh, you're right, factfinder. My premise was wrong.

    Let's go peak publishers to peak publishers year over year.

    This year: 7,965,954

    Last year: 7,782,346

    Difference: 183,608

    This represents a 2.36% increase. (They rounded up to 2.4%)

  • factfinder

    Thanks leaving-quietly! :)

  • EdenOne

    it would be interesting to analyse the progression of the ratio newly baptized vs average publishers as well as newly baptized vs. bible studies.


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