Unconfirmed 2014 Year Book Numbers - Peak Pubs, Baptized, Hrs, Reg Pio & Studies

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  • factfinder

    Even if some made up their fs report it does not matter. When you are looking at a figure that huge: 1,841,000,000 even if only 25% of it was REAL time actually spent preaching, over 400 million hours-that is a lot.

    I was honest in reporting my time because after all, it was service to Jehovah and he was watching what I was doing. (And it mattered to him-yea right.) Yet a few elders questioned my reports.

    I would get in 20-30 hours or so each month but also Aux pioneered alot. But I did not go out in service each weekend when some of those elders did. I made arrangements to go out on weekdays and got my time in that way. But because I was not SEEN out on weekends a few elders had the nerve to question my reports. What schmucks.

    So you were not the only one who was told the elders have to SEE you out in service DATA-Dog.

    But I worked with some elders on weekdays.

    People in the kh just love to judge other people.

    Gayle- I'd imagine increases came from Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria and other third world countries. I will be surprised if the US had much of an increase and no doubt most European countries saw little growth at all, maybe small decreases.

    Yes, the paradise earth coming soon hope will always appeal to those who are poor or are suffering.

  • Crazyguy

    I love the truck I mean if they served Taco's then of course many would come for a bible study, imagine the numbers then.

  • konceptual99

    Ain't it the truth @DataDog

    Let me tell you a true story. I fudge my time ALL the time. I have done for years. It's just got worse as I've worked out TTATT, dropped out of being an MS and pretty much stopped going on service.

    I very much doubt that I am anywhere near the only one in my congregation to make up time.

  • mzmmom

    6638 hours for 1 baptism-3.22 years at 40 hours per week. Less than 3% of bible studies are baptized

  • Qcmbr

    Why do God's supposed people need to know this sort of information? Business yes, divine organisation no. Now if this was actually some god's book's - who got to Valhalla this year - then that would be fascinating.

  • joe134cd

    I hate it how my character is judged by the amount of time I spend knocking on doors.

  • Praise YaHuWaH
    Praise YaHuWaH

    Double plus good, you know, I don't think there is any meat in this, tastes like meat....

    On a positive note, Chocolate rations are going to go up! Double plus good!

  • steve2

    The increase in baptisms seems startling given that at district convention after district convention in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, numbers getting baptized were very very few in number compared to previous years. So it will be interestingt to see the detailed report.

    Also, 2012's worldwide memorial attendance was lower than in 2010 so whether this decrease has continued....

    I have noticed a shift from emphasizing average publisher numbers to peak numbers. I would imagine that the percentage increase in average numbers will be less than the increase in peak numbers.

    I miss SlimBoyFat's alternative and positive views on JW growth - he was able to stir up quite a lot of comment from us.

  • steve2

    Also, 2012's worldwide memorial attendance was lower than in 2010 so whether this decrease has continued...

    Self-correction: 2012's the USA memorial attendance was lower in 2012 than it was in 2010 and 2013 continued the trend, being slightly higher than 2012's but still lower than 2010.

  • ballistic

    Is there any increase related to the 1914 - 2014 thing like there was in 1975? Just a thought.

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