Unconfirmed 2014 Year Book Numbers - Peak Pubs, Baptized, Hrs, Reg Pio & Studies

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  • OwnAccord

    I bethelite sent this email out - can't really give out names

    We wrote these figures as quickly as possible, but could not keep up 100%). You get to check these figures out when you get your 2014 yearbook.
    Peak Pub = 7,965,954 = 2.4%^ (^stands for increase over 2012 service year)
    Bapt = 277, 344 = 3.2%^
    Hrs = 1,841,180,235 = 5.3%^
    Reg Pio = 997,123 = 8.2%^
    Av. B. Stud = 9,254,963

    Nov. 2012: 2 initiatives were launched. 1. Special Metrop. Witnessing program organized by Branch Office 2. public witnessing project org by local congregations.

    Colombia: permission was given to set up a booth at Bogota Int. Book Fair from April 12 - May (date?) More than 500,000 attended. Some called our stand "the best in the whole fair". A special display was set up to help blind/deaf as well translation in many languages. A woman and her daughter approached and listened as a brother explained Braille display. She said, "I have a confession to make. I never liked
    Jehovah's Witnesses. Although I found your topics interesting, I did not listen. As of today I have changed my stand on you. I congratulate you, now I understand." She & her daughter accepted Bib. studies. At the fair, 23,793 publications were distributed in 18 languages with more than 400 follow up forms (averaged 20 a day)

    Mexico: It has been approved by the Service Committee to set up enter the International Book fair to be held 11/28 - 12/8 in Guadalajara. 90,000 are expected to attend. A mobile truck with Jw.org on the
    outside will be set up.

    Bulgaria: July 26-Aug 4. 4,000 including athletes from 9 countries attended the 2nd International Deaf Olympics. Displays were set up at sporting events featuring 33 publications in 9 languages. 5 hotels displayed posters and some had DVD's for the deaf. A deaf woman is a coach from India. She watched intently as a DVD in Indian Sign Language played, even grabbing it from the publisher. She signed that
    there is a great need for this type of information. At the end of 10 days, 203 individuals gave their contact information.

    April, 2013: US Branch expanded the Metropolitan Witnessing to Atlanta, Boston, San Juan-Puerto Rico, San Francisco & Washington, DC (Metrop. Witnessing was est. in LA & NYC in 11/12). 90,896 mages and 66,263 books, 5,173 Bi. Studies started. We were shown a photo of the first brother baptized in NYC as a direct result from Metrop. Witnessing. A special Field Service Campaign: Branches invited publishers from other lands to share in Unassigned territory.. 1. Romania - 2003 came from Britain, France, Italy, Spain, US, Ukraine, Portugal. 4,500,000 live here in small towns & villages. Many comments "God must have sent you" "You are God's answer" "I have been waiting a long time for you". Most are humble and poor. Delighted esp. for the Good News from God brochure. Priests were not happy. One grabbed it from a Householder's hand. The householder grabbed it back! 1,050,000 were reached = 41% of unassigned territory. 89,666 mags, 6,127 bks, 116,716 brochures, 31,379 b. studies started!

  • Londo111

    Any news of the US numbers?

  • OwnAccord

    Londo, that's all the info I was able to gather, sorry no US numbers at this time.

  • suavojr

    Funny how the internet is now the GB best friend and the new way to preach.

  • braincleaned

    2.4% more victims?

    I think I wanna curl up and cry.

  • neverendingjourney

    Interesting. If the numbers are real, they're still outpacing the global population increase rate.

    Again, assuming the numbers are legit (by that I mean they weren't fudged by the Society), the growth has to be coming from the third world.

    All evidence seems to suggest that in the developed world the "growth" is coming from within, children born in the religion. But you would think this wouldn't be enough to keep pace with those publishers who die every year and those who are DF'd or simply fall away.

  • Splash

    Up, up, up! Everything is up!


  • Viva la Vida
    Viva la Vida

    Peak Publisher: This is not the same as Average Publisher numbers. It can be that more JW are lazy to submit their reports each month and elder push to get all of them together by August.

    Baptism: Ok… good increase… More JWs’ children getting baptized?

    Hours: More JWs reporting more hours. The “Not-at-home” slips must be running out.

    Regular Pioneers: More JWs doing more. Not new people from the field.

    Average Bible Studies: How many are for real? How many at the doorstep just for 10min.? How many JWs’ children?

  • pixel

    Hrs = 1,841,180,235

    Real hours (not walking aimlessly around or standing next to a "witnessing table" without actually speaking to somebody = ? (TBD)

  • redvip2000

    Again, assuming the numbers are legit (by that I mean they weren't fudged by the Society), the growth has to be coming from the third world.

    Since these numbers are compiled internally we will never know, even though there is no reason or evidence to think they are being dishonest. What we have seen in the past is a shuffling game with the numbers and the way they are counted as to appear more than what they are.

    Also the peak publisher numbers is a good example of how they work the count to make them seem bigger. What they should report is average publisher number. The peak publisher number is simply a specific point in the year when they receive the most reports at one time. Included in this number are people who perhaps only reported once during the entire year.

    Also good to remember that because they are a relatively small group, any increase (even if smaller when compared to other larger religions) will still show as a bigger percentage.

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