Is this a real Hotmail hack?

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  • butalbee

    Where am I? Is this really or have I logged on to some alternate universe?? No, wait, I know, it's romper room.

  • Reborn2002

    I appreciate that refiners.

    You or I are not the enemy here. We have to remind ourselves of that fact from time to time when we get passionate over trivial things.

    The reality that many of us have been hurt in one way or another by the JW religion is what has attracted the majority of us to this discussion board.

    Being members of a religion where if you speak your educated, independent mind freely you are condemned for being "haughty", "devilish", and "wicked".. it is more than understandable why we so often get defensive when we make a stand for what we believe.

    Not counting the fact that so many people here have either been molested and then shunned for "slander" when reaching out for help, lost immediate family members over the shunning issue, wasted years of their precious lives being deceived, or now live in poverty because of the discouragement of education for many decades.

    The above is sufficient reason for any person to be infuriated and quick to defend themselves.

    All I seek is the truth. The men and the women as a majority on this website have been or continue to be hurt for far too long.

    I for one cannot stand by idly and let someone be purposely hurt in another unnecessary way.

    You were forgiven by me long before you posted it.

    I too apologize as I did before for any harsh words spoken. I am a victim of the WTBTS as well, for even now I have no relationship with my brother or my 1 yr old nephew. Being told by your own blood how unfortunate it will be by Armaggedon to have to explain to your deceased grandparents why you will not be there is hard to contend with. I have long since accepted the unfortunate loss and moved past my family members who are content to remain in their dream world because it provides a security blanket and shelters them from reality. That does not mean at times I am not bitter.

    If a person is not proactive to help others, no action will be done. How often do people out of fear of personal harm avoid doing the right thing? I promised myself long ago I would not be one of those individuals. That is another reason I have little patience for people who reregister here under multiple identities with the intention of deceiving someone. When said individuals either maliciously insult specific people when they have not been provoked, or purposely deceive and try to make money off someone else in a scam.. it is just not tolerable in my book. (these people know who they are, as I am sure most of the board does)

    Sorry, this post got lengthy and I rambled. I guess I felt the need to speak my mind. Apology heartily accepted refiners, and if I could I would give you a hug ((((refiners)))) I would.

    Im happy we could put this past us.

    It is not religious persecution for an informed person to expose publicly a certain religion as being false, thus allowing persons to see the difference between false religion and true religion.
    WT 11/15/1963 page 688 paragraph 3

  • Hmmm

    Refiners and Reborn,

    Kudos to both of you. Sometimes it takes little effort, but a lot of character, to decline to argue over inconsequencial things.


  • ConnieLynn

    I also want to say thank you here to Angharad for removing the link and Reborn for jumping in to look out for us and Comf for telling me how to rectify. I also want to say thanks you to anyone who read this post for not rubbing in the fact that I was a big dingbat!...I was waiting to get berated (post JW behavior no doubt) Thanks to all...

  • plmkrzy

    AHHHHHHThats nice. (((RF)))---(((RB)))
    And Refiners for having his heart in the right place sticking up for another poster. Shivilreeee is not dead. Miss-spelled but not dead.

  • Hmmm

    Don't worry ConnieLynn, we don't start calling people dingbats until they've made at least 60 posts. After 100 posts, the gloves really come off.


  • montag

    Awwwwww! Now isn't this so sweet!

    Hey if it makes any of you feel better I tried that 'hack' myself. I've got 3 hotmail accounts so I entered the details of my main one to see if I'd be supplied with the passwords of the other two. What a dork eh?

    Thanks to Angharad for taking the link down. (I guess anyone finding this thread now won't know what the crap we're all talking about. )


  • LB

    Thanks montag, glad I'm not the only dork around

    Maybe we need new user names instead of "senior or jedi". I can attain dork status after certain types of posts???

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

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