Retraction for the Ladies

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    depends which forum your looking at.
    if its here: they were mercilessly deactivated after being mauled by the elite "wolfpack".
    If its over the street: they virtuously "requested deactivation" from this horrible, manipulative website.

  • refiners fire
  • Hyghlandyr

    Simon, I didnt know you were against duplicate accounts. Hope you arent to mad at me for the Initiate account and the Who Am I thread.

  • plmkrzy
    Julie and tina who?

    No Kidding! and besides who the F**K Gives A rats aRs There must be more interesting things to talk about then a few has beens and wanna beez? Aren't there?
    Are they Famous people or something?
    What great deeds have they or that persoN done for anyone?
    Do fans run out into the streets when they are spotted in public? Begging for there autographs?
    OH wait I know...Dian Sauyer and Barbara Walters must be literally scratching eachother and pulling eachothers hair out competeing to book her/him for and exclusive interview. Of course it will be broadcast via satillite so even the folks at the North Pole will be able to tune in. Just think of the major boost that alone will give the network that is lucky enough to land that interview. !!! WOW!!!
    People will be saying all over the worl "O.J. WHO?[8>]

    Life sucks...get a helmet
    [email protected]
  • waiting

    lol! Actually.......I remember Simon putting a red stamp Account Deactivated. I really didn't know about the line thingies. I've received several e-mails from some other long-time posters who didn't know about the line thingie either. "Misery and dullness love company"

    I really didn't think much about it until the e-mails from the "posters formerly called Tina & Julie." Thought I'd come clean to my sin - hate the thought of being "watched."

    No big deal - then or now. But it's good to know that the ladies across the net keep such close tabs on us.


    ps: Outlaw - politically correct at last!

  • larc


    When you are dealing with the xElderettes, you gotta be real careful, cause they get offended very easily, don't ya know.

    They seem to lack humor also, which is a real bad diagnostic sign.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    while julie and tina have indeed been deactivated from this board, their emails can still easily be found. so why doesn't everyone PRIVATELY discuss and bash┬╣ them where they actually have a chance to reply?

    ┬╣: bashing is simply encouraged because i'd like to know that some of you got chewed out by the two lovely ladies

    imbue, a pack of rabid dogs like.... hmmm... maybe the people replying to this thread?

  • hobnob5050

    LMFAO! A bud of mine said Check this out you'll laugh your fucking ass off.

  • BeautifulGarbage
  • hobnob5050

    yeah baby is that you!!!HOT! HOT! HOT!
    dont look like garbage from where i'm sittN

    you like wolf packs doya?

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