Retraction for the Ladies

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  • waiting

    In a post to Imbue, I stated that Julie and Tina still had active accounts here. I was mistaken - both women have had their accounts de-activated, whether by personal choice or Simon's choice. That's what that little line drawn through the poster's name means - "they are no longer with us."

    Upon finding this out, I looked through a couple of pages.....and Simon's been busy! Several posters (some with a post of *1*) are now "no longer with us." I must have missed that little technical announcement, eh?

    You see, I had reason to find this Julie & Tina saw my error.....and in numerous e-mails to me, explicitedly pointed this out........repeatedly - and some of those times.....not too damned friendly, I might add. Being on a non-moderated forum, I can say that, eh? However, Tina's e-mails to me were quite civil.

    Now, according to one lady, and it wasn't Tina, unless I make this retraction (like it's a big thing or what?), my reputation will be sullied - and she will brand me a liar. Oh! And she's got to "see a retraction of this lie" because she'll "be watching" here it is:

    O poo......I just didn't know what that little line thingie meant, for Pete's sake. I gracefully retract.


    ps - I knew Valentine had been de-activated (like I didn't see all the posts concerning that.) I looked up Tina and saw the lines......but figured she was making an statement or somesuch. Wrong figuring, eh?

    I never saw any reason to look up Julie's name.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Um, what are you retractin dude?

  • Prisca


    Waiting was "encouraged" to retract her statement that she thought Madames Tina and Julie were still active on this board.

    I mean, no one cares what their status is, although it seems it was to them and another certain person.

    I find it most amusing that Waiting's "reputation" was threatened, and then would be called a liar. Oh the shame of it all, the shame, the shame......

    As we can see by Waiting's post, she isn't that worried by any of these "ladies" but she has acted with much graciousness.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Prisca ok thanks. Um..can we say HYGH SCHOOL?

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Awwwwwww waiting, you're so cute!

    After 50 kazillion posts and you didn't know what the little line "thingie" was.


  • Imbue

    Talk about High school hahah look at where this originated. Start with Teejay's a pack of rabid dogs they were ..the way I saw it!

    "The only good elite are dead elite!!"-Naeblis
    (Ok! He borrowed it)

  • simplesally

    Julie and tina who?


    (LOL)Waiting`s reputation is in question,I don`t think so!If someone dosen`t like what she said,too bad.Waiting is a strong woman who is`nt afraid to voice her opinion.Pretty much like Tina,I like them both.Nobody`s gonna mess with either of those women and come out without a scratch.(LOL)...OUTLAW

  • Satanus

    WOW! That was close, eh? Imagine, actually being called a liar! What next? Sheesh.

    SS taking deep breaths

  • Simon

    Yes, I can confirm that they were both deactived at their own request although I have since seen posts by Tina claiming otherwise.

    Perhaps I need something to differentiate being deleted by me and being DOR (dropped on request).

    Lots of the other single post deletions (and the ones that you don't see who never get to post anything) are duplicate accounts created by people who have already been deleted because of causing trouble. This is why I am so against duplicate accounts as it just makes my job harder keeping an eye on the problem posters.

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