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  • KWJoe

    I made my first post yesterday on an earlier topic about celebrating holidays. Just Lois invited me to introduce myself.....Hi JL.

    Where to start? Born to a JW mom/non religious dad in south Georgia. Oh, yeah....gay, too. Growing up was a struggle. Did well in school, had some friends, but only during school hours....no extracurricular stuff. I got baptized at 14, pioneered, MS and prayed to be changed...good luck with that. Celibacy was not my strong suit. At the age of 25, I confessed to the elders.....wth was I thinking? Was df'd for two years....never missed a meeting. Reinstated. I'm not very proud of the fact that I eventually started living a double life again....but it is, what it is. Went through the motions for a couple of years, just to continue with family and friends. The prospect of living a double life...or celibacy, for the rest of my life, was not very appealing. So, I called one of the elders and told them I gotta be me....do what you need to do. They, of course, wanted to meet with me. No chance, bro.

    Df'd for the second and last time about 20 years ago. Since then, have been living an honest and true life. Met someone 17 years ago...been together ever since. Moved to Key West, started fresh......life is good.

  • wasblind

    Welcome KWJOE

    Even straight folks are forced to live a double life in this religion

    everything is false about this religion and most of all it forces you to be false to yourself

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    KWJoe, happy to hear you made the change you needed. Thanks for sharing, and welcome!

  • BU2B

    Hi there!

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Hi JWJoe - Welcome, good to have you on board. I found your story interesting and recognize how tough it must have been for you growing up thinking you were damned if you followed your natural instincts. My brother-in-law is gay in a very JW family - he was never baptized but stays within the family fold. My wife, who is a Witness, told me that 'all his friends are gay and he has never had a girlfriend but he is not gay' - oh the denial they go through.

    I see him as a potential asset in my attempts to get to my wife as she is close to him. I think it would be wonderful if he could tell his story to my wife so she could start to understand how harmful the WBTS is but I recognise that this would be very challenging for him. I have been commuicated with him and sense that he is still subject to the thinking even though he was never baptized as he doesn't seem to understand just how manipulative the WBTS is. I have suggested that he read JWFacts and freeminds. He hasn't acknowledged to me that he is gay adn is quite quarded in his discussiosn with me but is slowly opening up. If he does open up it might be good for me to put him in touch with you as I am sure you would have a lot to share.

    Cheers Frazzled

  • KWJoe

    thanks for the welcome everyone.....and Frazzled, would be my pleasure to help, if he so chooses.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Awesome that you decided to be yourself. I am glad that life is good, you are happy in Key West. My wife absolutely loves "La Creperie" and we went down there one year to find it closed due to a fire. We were happy they relocated and opened again. But I digress.

    Watchtower's expectation upon the unmarried straight or gay members is so unrealistic. But they are a screwed up cult.

    Is there any relationship with your mom? Is she still a faithful JW?

    I ask as a faded (never DF'ed) JW with a faithful JW wife and mother, both allowing me to be myself as long as it isn't in their faces, but Mom would not tolerate a gay son according to her own statements.

  • gma-tired2

    Welcome KWJoe I know how hard it is to be raised a JW and realize you are gay. I am the exJw mom of a gay exJW man. Congratulaions on 17 years with your partner. Our son has been with his partner 18 years. Our son has been so much happier since he accepted himself and his two nieces love their two Uncles so much are so accepting.

  • Giordano

    Living a good life is the reward for living a life style that is true to who you are.

    Welcome.....look forward to your point of view.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    KWJoe , Good Morning from The North Pacific down to you in beautiful, lovely, Key West.

    Yours is a heart-warming story, a success story.

    Whenever I hear of young Brother's ( tm ) committing suicide, I always wonder if they were gay,

    living in a strict WatchTower World, and could not handle the strain. And that is so, so sad.

    I have no idea when the world will recognize these hate crimes of WatchTower against gay people.

    Also, congratulations on your 17 years with your partner. Yay for you!

    Just Lois

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