ANOINTED Jehovah Witness has no doubt,

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  • Robdar

    Hi Lotus:

    I read your post to my JW daddy. He said that you should be spending more time out in service. Then you wouldn't be so lonely.

    My dad is a mature, active JW. He is not DF'd or DA'd. He was an elder for years and he really said the above.

    Maybe you should follow his advice and increase your time spent out in service instead of posting on this board.

  • musky


    You indicate in your post that you would like to help people. I believe that something does not seem to be right with a annointed one posting here.( glad you did though). I think that you are the one that is looking for help. It seems strange to me that you feel that God has a special relationship with you, but you don't trust him to protect you from so called apostates. You won't even talk to these ones? It is always a good idea to hear all sides to things, and always be prepared to defend what you believe in, to anyone who asks. Unless you feel that some people are not worthy of you. You gave an answer to the post repliers that they should take up knitting or something, instead of being in this forum. Ive heard that reasoning before.Witnesses will always say, " if you want to leave ,leave, but why keep on talking about it all the time. Just get over it and do something else." Any religeon, including the watchtower has a big impact on who we are if we decide to follow it. I would say most cannot simply just walk away and never think about it again. It sounds like a pretty cold comment coming from an annointed one. I don't get it.

  • sweetone2377
    I would say most cannot simply just walk away and never think about it again.

    Especially when simply walking away isnt' simple. When walking away means that you no longer have a family, that any friends you've had are gone, that any life that you've known is gone. Personally, I lost my devout JW mother, my younger sister and have another sister that I've not been able to be apart of her growing up. Not because I chose that, but because they chose an organization instead of a compromise. They chose a bunch of men around a table, instead of family.

    There are many who are in the same boat as me, and many far worse off then me, because of these men and their "laws". If you truely feel that God has selected you and made you special above all of us, then do something good with it. Make changes for the better of all men and women, not just the ones who agree with your organization. If you can't use that "specialness" for good, then why have it at all?

    Former victim and recovering wonderfully from a broken spirit
    Smile, because we all have been freed from slavery!!

  • lotus

    this is to Musky, and those offended when I suggested to take up knitting, I was joking, seriously! I am so sorry and apologize, my point was that I can have a sense of humor in things and I do want to laugh. I am sorry that you all have suffered, and that being on this website is such a big deal.
    I don't care what others think, If I am to be a compassionate person,I want to listen to people and hear valid arguments. I think that is what King Solomon would do. He didn't hear things from hearsay, but heard it from the people.
    I do not want to be an unknown distant face at Bethel. I want to be commpasssionate and understanding, and show you what the next generation of Witnesses can be. Forgive me, I am nervous myself being discovered here, But I came here, I guess, to listen and learn what is wrong with the way things are now and being governed.
    If I learn what is displeasing you about the org. Then we can work on it from here, I can learn how we can improve things. I love you all, I am sorry you are all hurting, and seeking. We all are.
    Love, Your servant

  • Reborn2002

    Do I smell another case of multiple identities?


    If not, proclaiming to be one of the "Anointed Remnant" and knowingly posting on a JW-related board NOT sanctioned by the WTBTS is blasphemy.

    You are one who will rule as "Kings and Priests" with Christ and yet you voluntarily associate with DF and DA ones who are labeled "Apostates"?

    What a joke.



  • DakotaRed
    and show you what the next generation of Witnesses can be.

    Is this more "NEW LIGHT?" With the end so near, how can there even be a "Next Generation?"

    Yes, Lotus, many here are hurting. Why? Each has their own story and all are Watchtower related. I became a JW because I sincerely believed them to be different and a loving people. I found out different. Their love is totally conditional, if you receive it at all. Every congregation I went to had it's little cliques and they let no one else in. Elders set out to create a reason to hold JCs and DF people, always claiming to purify the congregation. Yet, if the truth be known, these same elders are guilty of more wrongdoing than most.

    When blatant violations of even the elkders manual occur and the sanctity of ones home, it does no good to inform the society. The only action they take, if any at all, is to ask the offensive elder his view and close the book. Then, send out a shine on letter encouraging one to just pray to jehovah and get out in service and attend meetings. Never mind the unchristian conduct of an elder in your home is what is keeping you from doing it.

    As stated before, I do not totally disagree with the JW theology, but Jesus said the sign of his true disciple was the love they had, not their theology. With little or no love from the JWs, they cannot be the true disciples of Christ.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • Robdar


    You said:

    "But I came here, I guess, to listen and learn what is wrong with the way things are now and being governed. If I learn what is displeasing you about the org."

    But you said earlier:

    "Hi, this is Lotus,the writer of the topic. why am I here? its because it says Jehovah Witness discussion, so I thought it was for Jehovah Witnesses, but I guess I was wrong. It's an ex-witness site? Why can't you all move on from your pain?"

    Which of the above statements is the truth? One implies that you came here by accident. The other implies that you came here purposefully to try to seduce us back to the Kingdom Hall.

    I smell bullshit.

  • lotus

    Please why are you so hard on me? Everthing I wrote was true, but then I read your comments, I figure, hey maybe I should listen to you all after all. Then I realized I will have a hard time knowing whos a disfellow or not, I just want to find young anointed, and learn how I can be the best compassionate person, so I mustve softened up a little. I'm young trying to learn my destiny, how to understand how to judge people in a non-judgemental way. Being young, I struggle to grow. Help me, don't be so harsh,please, I want to learn how to improve the society I am loyal to, that is why I am here. I want to find young anointed, to encourage them to be loyal to the society, but not to make the same mistakes the GB did to influence you all away. Have patience with me please. I am trying to help improve a org. for the better so you all feel like you don't have to leave. LOTUS

  • Prisca


    I was in your shoes a few years ago. I left the Borg because I could no longer support an organisation that puts loyalty to itself ahead of loyalty to God.

    If you really feel you are of the annointed, and not another troll wasting our (and your) time, then I suggest you pray earnestly to God and let Him speak to you. If you open your heart to Him, you will realise where the real answers lie. (Hint: keep reading this board to find the answers to your questions.)

  • Liquidizer

    Dear Lotus,

    This is a discussion board, not a WT small talk board. Here the folks are free to express their opinions, feeling and give information or even to speculate on everything JW related. This is a great possibility for you to develop your compassion and love, just like Jesus did, despite the fact that you don't always agree with everything here. Don't use the membership in the JW's as your measure stick what it comes to people here.


    This is the end of the world
    As we know it
    And I feel fine


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