Former Unbaptized Publisher, New Here

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Welcome Gloomy Sunday, glad to have you here with us. The WTBT$ is a very depressing organization because they are always beating us down and telling us how useless we are and we'll be lucky if God sees us fit enough to make it thru armeggedon. No wonder we're all so depressed!

    But it does get better the longer you're away from it. Hang in there and peace on your journey.


  • GloomySunday


    I can imagine! Thanks for the support.

    @still thinking

    Thank you.

    @lown Mylife

    Ohhh, I didn't know you could. I'm interested now! I'll try it out.


    Yeah, I was very afraid of baptism myself... I wasn't sure when they planned on doing it, but my assumption was after I finished the study, and attented meetings for a few months or so.


    Yep! Knowledge it power!


    Thanks, TotallyADD! I appreciate your kind words.


    Yep, much less pressure, I find. Makes you have room to think.


    That's great! Yeah, it helps when a family member in the same house is not part of it.


    Yeah... they pretty much do that. I mean, after I cancelled my study and told them to quit bugging me, that I want no part of it, they just went after my inactive sister.

    @Newly Enlightened

    Thank you. It was very depressing, they were so concerned with lowering your confidence that it was just sad...

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    Hi gloomysunday, welcome- nice to have you on. Look forward to reading your posts..

  • GloomySunday

    @Sammy Jenkis

    Thanks, Sammy. I look forward to your replies.

  • Freethinking76

    Welcome, I also started to fade,is been a big relieve not to worry about :service,meetings,reading magazines,prepare for meetings,comments,bible study's

    every week,personal study ,ect....if you really think about it is way too much pressure .add kids to the mix and a " unbelieving husband" too.Its funny that

    they say that jehovah does not ask for too much...I come to realize that that is very the organization that asks too much of people.I suffered from

    depression ,suicidal thoughts too,I talk to the elders about it and they told me I needed wisdom.And that I was not spiritual enough.I can't believe I put

    myself through that.but I am relieved for this site and the friends in it too.

  • Mum

    Welcome, GS. Congratulations on choosing not to get baptized!

    I have been free since 1979. I had to get out for mental health reasons. I don't feel nearly as crazy as I did back then. Another thing that was bothering me was the realization that I had been a better person - kinder and more accepting and understanding - before I became a dub.

    My "worldly" family helped me to start college, and I was a pariah. I had to get out and gain some perspective. That was it. It felt so good I couldn't consider going back!

  • GloomySunday


    Yeah, my mother was basically in the same situation. I often felt sorry for her. She would do all that work, and then just get more suggestions on how she could do more. It never ended...

    I'm glad that I have this site as well. I think it should help.


    Tell me about it... I had to go into therapy and get on all sorts of pills, just because of what I had to deal with.

    I couldn't ever concieve of going back! I'm so much happier out of that madhouse, er... madhall. Thanks for the kind words!

  • rmt1
  • nugget

    Life is full of promise and opportunity. In the organisation they want to restrict your talent and ambition and make you satisfied to be mediocre. live life well and make positive choices that are true to you, don't look back but embrace the future now you have one.

  • Nosferatu

    Welcome to JWN!

    I was the same status that you were when I left - unbaptized publisher. They were really pushing me to get baptzied. I knew that if I got baptized, I would have problems leaving. The whole disfellowshipping thing scared the hell out of me and caused me to never go through with it. There was also the requirement of going door-to-door the rest of my life which I absolutely hated.

    A few months after I quit going, I got the required shepherding call so they could get verification to announce from the stage that I was no longer an unbaptized publisher. Now that I look back on it, I think it's really odd to do this. They're essentially slapping a "spiritually inactive" label on people so the rest of the congregation can withdraw their "love".

    After that shepherding call, I was just glad to have it done and over with.

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