Former Unbaptized Publisher, New Here

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  • GloomySunday


    Yeah, ozbrad, those were definitely my "Gloomy Sundays". LOL

  • *lost*

    Well done .. and welcome to life ........ it just keeps getting better and better.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Welcome GloomySunday....

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Read Crisis of Conscience Online ---if you google that phrase you can read the book online. Then clear the browser if someone else has access to your computer!

  • Jaidubdub

    Welcome GloomySunday. Glad u didn't get dunked & that u found out what this organisation is really about while yr still young. I'm 3rd generation born in & recently found this forum too. Trying to fade as quietly as possible. Looking fwd to reading more of yr posts...

  • pearlsister

    Welcome GloomySunday ! My way of thinking was almost like yours. Something doesn't feel right. the rulled of not having "wordly friends" is just nor right

    That leaded me to depression. But I found my way out of that dark moments with education !!

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome to the fourm. So many new ones. I am happy you never got baptized. This will make life so much easier for you. Depression seems to be the main theme in the Wt. Cult. Getting away from does help alot. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Take care. Totally ADD

  • Gayle

    Glad you never dedicated yourself to the organization!

    Lucky for you, your father didn't give in to joining the org. too. Seems when one parent is out, it leaves a door or window open for many of the children to think themselves out also.

    Many best wishes!

  • MissConfused

    Gloomy Sunday - Welcome!

    I am pretty new here too.. I had a lot of questions while i took up study too. Never heartfully felt those were answered. But thank God i took up Bible studies when i had a Good job and independent! Plus my mom is not from this religion - hence even i will fade / DF, i will never fear of her cutting me off from her life, as there is NO DISFELLOWSHIP in any other religion in this world! :D

    All the best!

  • BLWashington

    Welcome Gloomy!

    I am new here too...I am sometimes so JEALOUS of those who never "crossed over" and got baptized..

    But the way I hear it now- the rhetoric has gotten fairly "evil" regarding even inactive JWs... good for you that you were able to make the separation.


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