Rutherford's Paradise - Film Footage of Beth Sarim

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  • caliber

    1911 Bible Students Convention in today. It has several pictures of various Bible Students of the day. I came across this one of Malcolm Rutherford (son of J.F. Rutherford). It's while Russell was still alive and apparently Malcolm was deeply involved with the Bible Students at the time. He is listed as Pastor Russell's stenographer.

    "The Proclaimers book quotes Mary's obituary in the local Monrovia Daily News-Post newspaper which notes her "poor health" as well as her active involvement with the JWs, so there may be an indication that she remained with Rutherford's group at least for some time. RR suggests that Malcolm split from Rutherford soon after his takeover of the Society. It is interesting tho that in 1920 Malcolm worked as an attorney in Los Angeles before becoming a clerk at Superior Court" ~~~~ Leolaia

  • SAHS

    “Terry”: “ He died of rectal cancer . . .”

    True. And actually I heard that Rutherford had been wearing one of those radioactive “radium belts” (marketed as the “Radio-Active Solar Pad”), which was also being promoted in the pages of The Golden Age magazine of June 23, 1920, pp. 606-7, which recommended radium to be used in protracted close proximity to the human body. (Rutherford also printed an articled “Radium – Earth’s Most Valuable Substance” in The Golden Age of February 2, 1921, p. 260 stating that “honest demons [speaking through mediums or Ouija Boards] said that in discovering Radium, mankind was getting close to the secret of life [though lying spirits were involved],” and that “even liars will sometimes tell the truth.”)

    I guess alcohol and radiation aren’t a good mix. The holy spirit must have forgotten to warn him about that!

  • kurtbethel

    Wow, it's been over 5 years since I visited that monument to Watchtower folly.

  • Balaamsass2

    A great thread. My Mother and Uncles (one was a 1930s Bethelite) never spoke a kind word about Rutherford.

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