Rutherford's Paradise - Film Footage of Beth Sarim

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    They would be totally self sufficient at Beth-Shan with their own 425 foot well and 10,000 gallon storage tank. Electricity would be provided by a state of the art diesel powered generator and a 4,000 gallon underground tank for diesel fuel. Water was piped to the house and 2 fire hydrants would protect them from fires. The real beauty of such a secure compound is there was plenty of room for the safety of the Watch Tower leadership as well. Perhaps they could bring Abraham and his friends up to speed on the marvels of the 20th century and assist in the preparation of the Kingdom of God.

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    Great thread Ray, thanks for posting!

    You might find this related thread of interest too:

    In addition to Beth Sarim, it focuses on Rutherford's fondness for expensive Cadillacs in light of this very telling quote from a recent WT Study article:

    The attitude and conduct of true Christians stand in sharp contrast with the mere outward show of godly devotion of those whose worship is often no more than a hypocritical ploy. Some religious leaders have become wealthy by defrauding their flocks, using much of the money thus obtained to acquire expensive homes and automobiles.” – w13 05/15, p. 12, para. 16

    Oh, the irony!

    It's be great if we could draw some parallels to the present day GB and their lifestyle.

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    Thanks Clarity! I just had a chance to do a little searching and came across the info you posted. This info pins down the film to 1939-40, and the "Judge" would be dead a couple of years later. so he would have been at 70 in the films containing the construction work.

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    It's interesting that in the video Rutherford is all dressed up--even wearing a tie--while others are working hard, sometimes even shirtless.

    I guess physical labor was beneath his dignity.

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    10,000 gallon storage tank

    Hmm, about a year's supply of whiskey....

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    @StartingOver - I forgot about Beth-Shan! That makes sense thanks for the info.

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    I've heard there was footage of the Judge and his mistress in Paris being quite affectionate. I'm sure the Watchtower, when they got ahold of it, consigned that to the flames. That would be dynamite if it ever got out.

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