Rutherford's Paradise - Film Footage of Beth Sarim

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  • AwareBeing

    We know something like this would come out,

    after they through Russell under the bus!

    The GB's lawyers were too embarrassed of it's past.

    By rewriting the WT's history, they only refocused it.

    Now everyone has to for forget ol' C.T. and look to "The Judge."

    He was just an attorney who filled in for a judge for one week!

    Also; this guy liked lots of booze and women,

    no wonder GB lawyers named Rutherford their first president!

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    good observations Terry.

  • steve2

    On his death certificate,his status is married and his wife is named as Mary Rutherford. Where was she at this time and how come we never see or hear anything about her? At least she did not have to endure having her name and reputation dragged through the mud the way Chuck Russell's ex-wife did. I think her name was Lucille Russell.Boy,was she vilified for daring to have - and express - opinions that were different from her then husband's opinions. Russell used to craftily say indirect things about her in the Watchtower. While Rutherford was a more openly odious man than Russell, Russell himself was more publically refined and outwardly a gentleman - but as prone to proud and narcissistic views on his own importance in the Divine Plan of the Ages. These men are the inescapably damning legacy of the current organization which can no more shake off its shameful history that a sheep can shake off its dung-infested dags.

  • briffoux

    Ol'Ruff had a Woodie! It shows plain as day at the 5:16 mark! But seriously, it looks like a 1940 model due to the tail light placement. Hope this helps dating the video.

  • caliber

    On his death certificate,his status is married and his wife is named as Mary Rutherford. Where was she at this time and how come we never see or hear anything about her?

    Up till at least 1930, she lived at 160 N. Primrose Avenue. I suspect that she and Joseph moved there in the early 1920s so Joseph could go to the nearby Pottenger Sanatorium (less than a mile away), where pulmonary diseases were treated. Rutherford's lungs were badly damaged during his time in prison. I suppose that when he seperated from his wife, he had no use for the Sanatorium as well.

    In the Moyle trial, William Pratt Heath Jr. had this to say about Mary Rutherford and the house she lived at:

    Q. Mrs. Rutherford, what is her physical condition?

    A. She was an invalid for the years I knew the Judge.

    Q. Was she maintained in California by the Judge?

    A. She had a home there. He provided.

    Q. Did Judge Rutherford die with cancer of the rectum, did you say?

    A. That is correct.

    by Leolaia

  • Bangalore

    Great find.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    *** jv chap. 7 p. 89 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***

    Brother Rutherford was survived by his wife, Mary, and their son, Malcolm. Because Sister Rutherford had poor health and found the winters in New York (where the Watch Tower Society’s headquarters were located) difficult to endure, she and Malcolm had been residing in southern California, where the climate was better for her health. Sister Rutherford died December 17, 1962, at the age of 93. Notice of her death, appearing in the Monrovia, California, Daily News-Post, stated: “Until poor health confined her to her home, she took an active part in the ministerial work of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

    I was under the impression they had lived apart from soon after he became president in 1917.


  • cedars

    I've published a JWsurvey article on this amazing find for anyone who is interested...


  • Tech49

    I didnt take the time to search or anything..... what is the story with their son, Malcom? What became of him?

  • tootired2care

    Ray I have nothing but respect for you, but the commentary on the left side as the video is playing is over the top and delves into the distant realms of speculation. I think it actually provides a good piece of evidence for them to marginalize the anti-watchtower movement.

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