Rutherford's Paradise - Film Footage of Beth Sarim

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    Oubiette, in reply to your question, "Are you saying that William Heath Sr. was NEVER a Bible Student or a JW, but he WAS a member of the WTBTS Board of Directors!?!?"

    Actually I wasn't saying that at all, Athanasius was. He directly quoted me in the paragraph above, see the quotation marks, but not in the next and last paragraph where there are no quotation marks.

    In explanation, if the first few words, William Heath Sr. was the father of are left out of the sentence, this is the way it would read:

    Heath Jr., husband of Bonnie Boyd (Heath) and a member of the Board of Directors (as the Governing Body was then) of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

    Athanasius was trying to explain what I had told him but it didn't quite come out right when he wrote it down. What he meant to say was this: William Heath Sr. was the father of Wm Heath Jr., who was the husand of Bonnie Boyd. Wm. Heath Jr. was a member of the Board of Directors, (as the Governing Body was then) of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

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    Glenster: That photo that you're thinking of where Rutherford, at the side of a pool, is sticking his tongue out at the camera to my knowledge has never been seen outside of Bethel where I saw it. I think you're thinking of the story I told about Rutherford and his tongue which can be found in "The Life and Discoveries of Barbara Anderson" that has been on Freeminds website and also website since around 2006.

    Today, when I saw the film footage once again of Beth-Sham that RayPublisher posted, I noted Rutherford sticking out his tongue many times and couldn't help but be reminded of the photos I discovered in an old desk drawer in an unused storage room at Bethel where Rutherford was prancing around on a terrace by a pool with the ocean in the background that I described in my "Discoveries" story. In one of the photos, Rutherford was sticking out his tongue at the camera in a close-up head shot. What a grotesque photo that and the other photos were because his very unattractive body was garbed in a one-piece form-fitting bathing suit that covered him from chest to thighs! Funny, how a person can never forget a photo like that when it's of someone who is sort of a god-figure! Ugh!

    I think it would be safe to say that Rutherford must have had some sort of tongue fetish when he was relaxed and playful and slightly inebriated.

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    Very interesting footage. Thanks for posting it, it's a shame the audio is missing.

    My take:

    Part of the video is casual (the parts of Rutherford drinking, apparently a little loopy, clowning around). Other parts appear more staged, and even professional enough to have been intended as a propoganda film (bounteous harvest, waving flowers, Rutherford working the fields like a 19th century farmer) Even in 1939 many farmers were using tractors, and they obviously had trucks, bulldozers, etc at the building of Beth Sarim. The footage of him farming must be staged for some reason; I really doubt he ever did farming like that in real life. So I would conclude that the original (for that portion of the video) was accompanied by narration with the typical WT jargon about the Earth's harvest in New World, etc. Nevertheless, an invaluable contribution to our perception of Rutherford the man.... Thanks.

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    While I'm on a roll, here are two more anecdotes from Arthur Worsley about Rutherford:

    Arthur would be assigned to go to the Staten Island house once in a while, where WBBR was located, to cook for Rutherford. We’ll never forget the evening Arthur bitterly told us that when he grilled steak for Rutherford on the patio, something which the Bethel Family were never served, Rutherford would throw extra steak to the dogs that lived on the property.

    Another time, Arthur related the tale of how Rutherford threw tacks all over the driveway in front of the Staten Island house because he was tired of people turning into the driveway by mistake and then using it as a turn around. He had forgotten that was the day that one of the Bethel secretaries was coming to work in the WBBR office. Soon after she arrived, all four tires on her car went flat.

    I have a few more stories to tell, but they are quite lengthy so I’ll tell them later when it's not so late in the evening. One is another “tongue” story that is awful and takes a bit of nerve to write about, but needs to be told.

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    Interesting photo's of possibly the two women connected with Rutherford

    Bonnie Boyd in video at 5:25-27

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    Barbara, it's great to hear your insights on Rutherford. The more I hear about him, the more I dislike him!


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    As an Aussie i have oft been intrigued that the wts would think that the resurrection of Abraham et al would take place in the US. Its like no other place exists. and that Abraham was from the middle east/ arabia. or have I missed something?

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    Rutherford? what i have learned about him in the past few years says he was not fit to tie Abrahams sandals.

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