Rutherford's Paradise - Film Footage of Beth Sarim

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  • RayPublisher

    I just added this to my YouTube Channel, JWStruggle. I know that we have some resident authorities on the history around JF Rutherford and I am anxious to see what they make of it. (Leolaia I'm talking to you lol!)

    Anyway, hope this yields some "new light". I found it fascinating and thought that this tape had been lost. (I recorded it in 1990 on VHS)

    This is from the description:


    This film footage was recorded sometime in the early to late 1930s. It shows the Beth Sarim mansion and grounds being built, and then later the Watchtower Society president Joseph Rutherford walking around the recently built Beth Sarim.

    Some have felt that he is "too happy" in several scenes, where he kisses fruit, twice sticks out his tongue, and appears to be in a very uninhibited frame of mind.

    Each can judge for himself. The footage is grainy but is surprisingly well preserved.


  • cedars

    Wow, thanks Raypublisher for posting this undoubtedly rare footage of Rutherford. I'm not sure there is film footage of Rutherford anywhere else in the public domain, is there?

    In any case, I've embedded this video on my own article about Beth Sarim. Hope you don't mind.

    It takes no great stretch of the imagination to presume Rutherford was totally "sloshed" (as we say in the UK) throughout much of this film. What a buffoon he was.


  • insearchoftruth4

    WC Fields was funny, but this shitass toward the end of the film was farting or shitting in his pants

  • RayPublisher

    @Cedars- by all means link to the footage! I want everyone to see this so they can decide for themselves if he was as sloshed as it appears he is lol.

  • startingover

    Sure glad you found that and are sharing it with us. After the picture of the little house on the hill that is labeled as being Beth Sarim, the next pictures and footage of the construction are of Beth Shan. The one picture says "goat barn" which housed the shelter would confirm that. Wonder what the big tank was for that they were burying? Possibly fuel? There was an airstrip on the propery too but I think that may have come at a later date.

    I have never seen moving pictures of Rutherford before, he did like to use the tongue didn't he. Just like it is now, when people know they are on being filmed they do strange things so for me personally I will try not to attribute the actions to being drunk. Funny they would show him drinking whatever out of the cup, seems out of place.

  • pixel

    You are so funny in the video Ray. Thanks for posting!

  • startingover

    The whole Beth Sarim, Beth Shan thing is really interesting to me. I don't remember any mention of their being any kind of underground tank at Beth Shan

    though. Is anyone else familiar with this? Great video, thanks again for sharing it!

  • clarity

    Wow that 'old stuff' is fascinating!


    No matter the setting ...conventions, bethel or here in Beth Saim, Rutherford

    has a pugnacious, smirking 'putting something over' look! UGH!


    Too bad we can't hear his words.

    Thanx for posting it Ray.


  • slimboyfat

    He looks like a real slime ball. I'm surprised they showed this at bethel.

  • Londo111

    Marked! Thanks!

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