Do You Care About "The Royal Baby"?

by minimus 74 Replies latest jw friends

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    here is the first baby photo...LOL

  • minimus

    Who wiped the baby first? One of the parents or one of the nannies??

  • TOTH

    One human being to another I love him.

  • perfect1

    I care! And I am so happy for the royal couple!

  • WTWizard

    I really don't give a fxxx about that distraction any more than I gave a fxxx about the distraction at 90 Sands Street. When I have personal needs not being fulfilled, some lousy baby isn't going to fulfill it (particularly since that baby isn't even mine). That baby isn't going to make your dollar buy more, give you an extra year or so to buy silver and gold once the shortage develops, unsmack us down from the vatican, eliminate the upcoming energy crisis, or stop all the wars and misery in our lives any more than that ugly piece of rubbish at 90 Sands Street solved my problems with the opposite sex.

    Nice try at the distraction, though--joke-hova. And you wonder why I left the washtowel cancer. And I am not going to let some big-shot baby distract me from the coming energy crisis and hyperinflation. Too bad for them, I already got my batteries while Sandy (the storm) was the big story so I can weather rolling blackouts, and I pay more attention to LED light bulbs and silver prices than to some so-called hot shot baby.

  • fakesmile

    royal baby-. never having to read about kates "baby bump" ever again -priceless.

    @still thinking. ROFLMAO

  • fedup

    Lady Diana would be a grandma now, wow we're getting old quickly.

  • mP


    Didnt you hear, Jehovah loves royalty. The bible is always king this, kingdom that, messiah , jesus and his kingdom.

  • truthhurts13

    Just another lizard

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LMAO! truthhurts13

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