Do You Care About "The Royal Baby"?

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  • joyfulfader

    Its just pleasant and joyful news for a change. Does something being newsworthy need the prerequisite of being ominous and/or disturbing? I say embrace the good and "warm, fuzzy" news as a diversion from the doom and gloom so often presented during the average news program. There will always be dreadful things and atrocities being committed globally. Let's embrace the birth of a child :)

  • MaybeSo

    Babies are very cute and loveable.... but who cares about some baby that you will never ever be able to even get close to.

    So, nope, don't care.

  • mP


    The entire Royal family are a bunch of Welfare recipients...they don't work, they live off the gov't/people.


    Get your facts striaght. They own significant estates and donate the money from that to the government. From that they receive an allowance. The UK actually comes out way in front from this arrangement.

    The Crown Estate is one of the largest property owners in the United Kingdom, with holdings of £7.3 billion in 2011. [4] It is held in trust, and cannot be sold or owned by the Sovereign in a private capacity. [5] In modern times, the profits surrendered from the Crown Estate have exceeded the Civil List and Grants-in-Aid. [2] For example, the Crown Estate produced £200 million for the Treasury in the financial year 2007–8, whereas reported parliamentary funding for the monarch was £40 million during the same period. [6]

    How many rich people pay 160M or 250M USD$ tax ever year ?

  • clarity

    Hmmm I care ?..... well I am interested.

    A 'homey' break from murders & crimes of all sorts!

    Think soft little blankies, the sweet baby smell & they are

    warmer than little puppies too ...yes a nice change

    of pace!

    We watched William grow-up so I really want to see if the baby

    looks more like him & his mother Diana or more like the other side!


  • Satanus

    No. Another parasite on british society. And, one who will likely presume on commonwealth countries for adulation and recognition.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Yes. America could definitely do better with a figurehead monarch in a parliamentary democracy Many times Britain's way would work better than what Madison and Hamilton devised. Not all the time. When you read actual documents, our system is an accident. I used to think Elizabeth was a joke. Prince Charles may be. Of course in times of great crisis, a French? Germany or other govt. might be better than the British model. No country that keeps changing its form of govt. every twenty years can expect legal compliance or collection of taxes.

    I may be very shallow but Iove British royalry.Of course, closeBritish friends in voluntary exile ask when was the last time I visited the Statute of Liberty or the Empire State bldg. We agree to disagree. Both sides agree that the royals should pay much more in taxes. During the Revolutionary War and for many years after, Americans led by Washington and Jefferson were gaga over Louis XVI, who lost his head.They knew that America only existed b/c of his personal intervention. Washington demanded strict neutrality during a French and English war. Most patriots felt we owed France. Nevertheless, Geo. hung a portrait of Louis XVI in his office and French Revolutionary diplomats had to pretend they did not notice it

    What would American females read if there were no queens or princesses.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am addicted to royal histories of all nations. European royals play with friends and have fun - until a certain age. They rarely see their parents, however. This was typical for centuries. Royal babies died like flies for a long while. All aristocrat people who had to duties in cities sent their children off to the country for strangers to raise. The country was healthier and infectious plagues spread more slowly. Also, until any child was about fourteen or sixteen, the odds were that they might die at any minute. Parents who had a choice sent their loved ones to safety.

    Do I understand this? No way. I have never lived when children drop dead all over the place. People had so many children and they were lucky if one or two survived to their teens. People drop dead at very young ages all the time through most history. You could not survive if you were not a bid cold hearted.

    A close friend and I went on an opera field trip in our twenties and we need safe but cheap lodgings. The older adults arranged for us to stay at a legendary, exclusive private girls school. Both of us heard of it and dream of growing up there as girls. We come from simjilar backgrounds. Both of us saw evidence of many muffies and buffies. They did not have to groom their own horses. The staff lived to service these wealthy girls. We were smitten. Next, we realized what it must be like to grow up with parents on other continents and seeing them a few weeks a year. Both of us thanked God we were born to poor parents.

  • Hortensia

    They are celebrities, so folks are interested. Me, I was more interested in that little blanket the baby was wrapped in. Did you take a look at it? It looked like a hand-knit lace blanket. Would have taken hours and hours to knit, small needles and fine thread, and it is very well done. I think I heard that someone in New Zealand knitted it as a gift from NZ for the baby. So, probably wool. It looked as though it was plain stockinette stitch with a wide lace border. I bet someone will figure out the pattern and it will be available online soon -- it's one of the cool things about knitting. You can reverse engineer the knitting by looking carefully at the garment or blanket and "reading" the stitches.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL Hortensia.

    I'm not particularly interested. Well, no more than any other celebrity. I'm not interested in them either. *unless it's music but even then my interest is VERY limited*

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