Remarkably stupid point in this week's Jeremiah book study - Jehovah's loving kindness

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    This should clear up the whole prayer issue...

  • Dagney

    Love Mr. Deity.

  • Watchtower-Free

    Explains alot

  • VM44

    "... but he pays special attention..."

    In what way does Jehovah pay "special attention"?

    How is the "special attention" different from the usual attention?

  • AMO

    May be the problem is the fact that thay are praying to jahova, thought the bible teaches you to pray to jesus or christ for your prayers to be answered.

  • toweragent

    In other words, god ignores all prayers, but if you're a dedicated servant, he will ignore yours in a very special way.


  • prologos

    if you substitute GB for JVH it makes sense.

    GB will not , can not respond to real problems, only to those internal to WT .

    like DF complainers, smart alecs.

    and then to hear the droning on of such drivel.

  • NVR2L8

    The milk jug I pray to shows loving kindness to me, as it doesn't tire listening to me complaining about my lot in life...

  • minimus

    Remember, Jehovah God doesn't perform miracles any longer.

  • SAHS

    “Jehovah takes note of all sincere prayers, but he pays special attention when his dedicated servants pray to him.”

    So, what exactly does Jehovah do by ‘taking note’ of all those zillions of prayers by non-dedicated servants”? Does that mean that he jots down a little point summary on a post-it note somewhere? Or does he just say to himself something like, “Oh dear,” “Oh my,” “Oh that’s too bad for that guy,” or “Well, that’s interesting,” and then promptly forget it? Or does he check off some fields in that person’s record in his mighty database? (Must be a Mac if it’s God.) Or maybe he just quickly looks over at them, like a kind of “knee-jerk reaction” when he hears the word “God” or “Lord” muttered from even an average Joe, and then promptly forgets.

    Now, when one of his actual “dedicated servants” (i.e., affiliated with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.) prays to him, maybe he quickly looks over at them too but also nods his head, as if to acknowledge that the one praying is a real person. (And then promptly forgets.)

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