Remarkably stupid point in this week's Jeremiah book study - Jehovah's loving kindness

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  • Bella15

    They are IDIOTS ... like in the "F" word IDIOTS!!!

  • hamsterbait

    Jeezazz Mon - Dat Jerhoobah shaw sound like a homicidal Motha lover!

    He has watcheD misery for centuries.. and still does...

  • nugget

    So he takes note of what exactly?

    Note that bro so and so is still suffering, still a believer although nothing has happened to ease his burden. If you plan to do nothing why take note? What is the purpose of prayer?

    It seems so cruel that he never tires of hearing how much we suffer. It reads like he gets pleasure from the prolonged suffering of believers. Who ever wrote this is a total idiot.

  • sir82

    Did anbody catch this week's gem?

    [Box on page 148]


    Through his written Word and the Christian congregation, Jehovah has trained elders in his methods of judging. He has authorized them to represent him in handling problems in the congregation. Such brothers are imperfect, and they cannot read the heart, as Jehovah does. But they want to treat their fellow worshippers in accord with the example Almighty God sets. They pray for divine guidance and strive to apply relevant Bible principles, thus seeking to ‘judge with righteousness,’ as Jehovah himself does. (Jer. 11:20) Thus, you have good reason to trust the elders, “for they are keeping watch over your souls as those who will render an account.”—Heb. 13:17.

    So....elders are "imperfect" and "cannot read the heart". But we have "good reason" to trust them because they "want to" do what is right?

    How in the heck is that reassuring?

    "Well Brother Dumbass and Brother Windowwasher, should we disfellowship Sister Depressed?"

    "Beats the hell out of me, Brother Sycophant. I can't read her heart. She says she is repentant but maybe she's lying. But I sure want to do what's right!"

    "Yeah me too. Ah what the hell, let's teach her a lesson and DF her. Say, do you want to try that new wing place after the meeting Sunday?"

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