Why does an Omni... God need Jesus and the 144,000 co-rulers?

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  • GromitSK

    If they're sealed maybe they're in hell. Constipation is a terrible affliction.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

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  • Kensei01

    Well since all we know about this subject comes from human beings with not one shred of evidence of being "guided" by a higher power in any way shape or form I would say it really dosen't matter. Not to be negative but really? This type of subject matter always produces more questions than answers; which is a good way to examine an issue, as long as we remember the true answer is that there isn't one.

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  • hannes

    In this point the jw doctrine really is mistaken.

    He h e a r e d 'Israel, 12 times 12000 out of these tribes'.

    When it came to s e e i n g , though, what did he see?

    'A crowd of people no human could count, out of e v e r y tribe and people and nation and language.'

    There were no two classes of disciples meant in all this.

  • RubaDub
    Why does an Omni... God need Jesus and the 144,000 co-rulers?

    Everyone needs some down-time now and then. It's a good feeling to have competent back-ups in place.

    Rub a Dub

  • hannes

    It would be the same one people of outstanding honest and great individuals who truly made their way and - knowingly or not because there is no partiality with God - ended up being like the best of the prophets, the truest of the apostles, the kindest of men and women, maybe unseen, few of them like a Moses or a Daniel or a Paul. And they should be like the Son of Man will be, with humankind, friends as priests should be and as the Christ was (the human, not the religious one) and kings not for themselves, for all others so they would become like he is.

    (as reference e.g. Letter to the disciples in Rome, ch. 8. Revelation ch. 22)

  • mP


    Moses was not a prophet, name a single prophecy that he made even if it didnt come true.

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