Connection Between “Captives of a Concept” and the Governing Body’s New Light?

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    Sorry, I meant " literal 144,000" NOT symbolic. Also, great points everyone.

    Terry said, " The 1919 doctrine of JW's is equally untenable and unprovable and has left the society vulnerable to criticism. By shoring up this weakness the GB can concentrate on putting all other beliefs out of the reach of disconfirmations."

    Yep. No pre-2000 articles available is a beautiful advertisement, constant emphasis on the ORG.. They are hard at work, stacking sandbags in an attempt to stop the tide.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I too, believed that "Captives" had something to do with their latest change which destroys 100 years of "You should trust us because Jesus trusted us with his belongings."

    The latest change does allow them to say that they were not quite right in the past, but NOW we are. I expect a few more major changes in the doctrine in the next few years are coming, then they will lock down that "NOW we are right" statement.

  • designs

    Russell and his Bible Students were always the elephant in the room to JW leadership. Rutherford needed the old followers of Russell to get his new group off the ground and running but what to do with Russell's ideas.

    The Bible Students are to JWs what Pentecostals are to Presbyterians. Dispensationalists with Zionist leanings v Limited New Covenant anti-Zionists.


    Did you ever play " Cowboys and Indians " or " Star Wars " with your friends? We would make fake guns and bows or blasters, ect. There was an honor system when you got " shot." Honesty was everything. There was always the inevitable kid who was invincible. You scream, " GOT YA!" as you fire, point blank. " YOU MISSED!", he says! Just when you have stated your case before the rest of the group, PROVING that there was no way that anyone could dodge blaster fire from close range, he does the impossible. " I had a force-field that blocks blasters at close range."

    One kid says, " GB, you were wrong!" GB says, " No we were not!" Kid says," Yes, you were! See?!!" GB says, " We are right NOW, go away!! You are kicked out of the club!" Whoever wants to play with GB's toys has to acquiesce.

  • garyneal

    I believe these latest changes are causing my wife to wake up. However, and she has told me this herself, I don't think she will truly give it up until her mom passes away.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I don't think she will truly give it up until her mom passes away.

    I think I'm in the same boat with my wife.

  • Quendi

    I also believe that Don Cameron’sCaptives of a Concept has had a significant impact on the current Governing Body. So, like the British Monarchy, they have adapted in order to survive. Like the British royal family, that adaptation has also included a shrewd element of calculation. I agree with OnTheWayOut that we are going to see more doctrinal changes in the coming months and years. I strongly expect that the WTS will say that the number 144,000 in the book of Revelation is symbolic, not literal and not just because of the increasing number of Memorial partakers. Doing so will enable the Governing Body to expand its membership beyond the current eight and bring in younger and newer blood (which it is already doing). The organization has decided that, finding itself unexpectedly and unwillingly in the twenty-first century, it must accept these circumstances and carry on.



    If they go to the symbolic meaning of the 144,000, it won't be out of the goodness of their hearts. I wouldn't look for them to say it means all Christians partake either. There will be an even greater crack-down to keep power. Having a symbolic 144,000 allows for an indefinite amount of time for that "number" to be filled, right?? How do we know that number is filled. When the END comes. When does the END come? SOON. So who is the symbolic 144,000? Why, the GB/FDS of course. Who is that? Whoever does the will of the corporation. It won't change much for the rannk&file.

  • jwfacts

    Perhaps you are making the Watchtower Society more cunning and invincible, Don!

    New doctrine have often come out in response to things written, such as by Franz and Don, and comments now on the internet. The Watchtower is becoming more cunning as a result, but not invicible. The new teachings often end up more convoluted than the old ones. The structure of Watchtower doctrine is too flimsy to ever make logical or sustainable without massive upheaval.

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