Connection Between “Captives of a Concept” and the Governing Body’s New Light?

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  • Cameron_Don

    Some have wondered if “Captives of a Concept” had anything to do with why the Governing Body changed their interpretation of the most important Scripture in their theology - Matthew 24:45-47

    Of course there is no way of knowing. But since some of the changes deal with matters that are brought out in the book, it does seem fair to wonder.

    For example:

    The book makes the major point that according to their former interpretation the only way the Society could be “God’s faithful and discreet slave organization” today is if they had received Jesus’ “belongings” appointment in 1919.

    But Chapter 3 shows how impossible it would have been for them to have received that appointment in 1919.”

    Is this the realization that motivated the Governing Body to move that appointment away from 1919 and kick it in to an unspecified date in the future? Only they know the answer.

    Here is how they solved this problem…

    Since that future appointment will not depend on what the Society had been teaching down till 1919, what will it depend on? They explain it this way in the July 15, 2013 Watchtower…

    "When Jesus comes for judgment during the great tribulation,he will find that the faithful slave has been loyally dispensing timely spiritual food to the domestics. Jesus will then delight in making the second appointment—over all his belongings.

    They simply assert that in the future the Society will then be found dispensing timely spiritual food and therefore will receive the “belongings” appointment at that time.

    How does one disprove such a statement? The Governing Body likes it that way.

    Don Cameron

  • Terry

    Historians agree that without the Punic wars against Hannibal and the butt-kicking Rome suffered at his hands, the empire of Rome would not

    have developed into the mighty superpoweer that lasted for almost two millennia.

    Rome studied defeat and strategized its way around tactics with innovations of every sort.

    Against Hannibal it became necessary to refuse to engage him and his troops on the field of battle!

    Finally, a brilliant strategy was devised whereby it be impossible for Hannibal to have superiority of terrain; Rome struck

    Carthage and he was summed to the rescue. Hannibal's chief advantage in battle had been his choice of where, when and how troops would

    engage, you see. When Hannibal arrived back in Carthage, General Scipio was in the prime elevated location awaiting his troops!

    Perhaps you are making the Watchtower Society more cunning and invincible, Don!

  • Ding

    Don't they still claim that Jesus did an inspection circa 1914-1919 and appointed them as the "faithful and discreet slave" over his "domestics"?

    It's hard to follow all these mental gymnastics and invisible happenings...

  • Terry

    Seriously, I think what happened in the 7th Day Adventist church in 1980 had been gnawing away at their confidence for quite some time.

    The Doctrine of the "INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT" has been a cornerstone of belief since 1858 and served as the inspiration

    for the 1919 doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Adventist theologian Desmond Ford was dismissed from the ministry much the same way as Ray Franz was given the bum's rush from Bethel.

    Ford has criticized the "inspiration" of this doctrine and, by extension, all of the "visions" of Ellen White.

    The 1919 doctrine of JW's is equally untenable and unprovable and has left the society vulnerable to criticism. By shoring up this weakness

    the GB can concentrate on putting all other beliefs out of the reach of disconfirmations.


    Hmmm.. Even IF they were somehow chosen in 1919 ( CTR kicked to the curb ), they still can't explain Rutherford's non-scriptural teachings. They are just nutty, how can they claim to deserve trust because of having the Master's belongings for decades, and then turn around and say," NOPE!" Then the "evil slave" is hypothetical, but the " faithful slave" is REAL..and it's them..why, because they say so.........

    There was no way to trace the slave "class" back to the apostles. Plus CTR had to be cut from the roster. Then the increasing partakers number flying in the face of the symbolic 144,000 doctrine AND the claim that a DECREASING number of partakers proves that the END is close!! Every change of late, including the new Memorial Outline that strongly discouraged anyone from partaking, is all damage control. New light,, selling properties, laying off Bethelites, Warwick..ect. They are trying to re-invent themselves for the modern age, while remaining unique, so as to stand out from "Christendom." Then the Conti case hits... They can't win for losin'...

  • prologos

    The slave as a class or as individuals do not need to be traced back, but they existed with peter, paul john or their ghostwriters active yhroughout history, so we have the scriptures, talking snake ans all.

    when this july wt sinks in, many will be in disbelief, IF THEY CARE.

    jesus leaves the slaves to work when he left. did he leave in 1919?

    He inspected all Christian religions, in 1918? and picked the one that taught " The world has ended, millions now living will never die"? really?

    I think they had a mental lapse.

    they are captive to the WT concept. can not see the reality of the world outside.

    just like Adam could not see the temple building going on outside the garden of eden that time.

  • Sparlock the Wizard
    Sparlock the Wizard

    Great post. I wondered this as well, as I read CoaC a few months prior to this particular WT article being leaked. It seem very convenient, like you mentioned, that now the future appointment of the slave/GB depends on nothing. It will simply happen.

    @Terry: Interesting, I had never heard of the Doctrine of Investigative Judgement. I will have to look into this later...

  • prologos

    yes, they appointed themselfs ahead of time, with the possible Evil slave only a theoretical prospect. never to be reality.

  • integ

    Why do these charlatans keep getting away with this crap?

    I get so angry at all this b.s.

    Do they really believe they are Gods chosen people when they have to scramble and change things all the time?

    I seriously just wanna punch them all in the face right now.

    How do these idiots sit there at the hall and nod their heads to everything these lying manipulators say?


  • Cameron_Don

    I mistakenly referred to Matthew:24:24-47. Ii meant to say 24:45-47.


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