"Worldly people don't love the same as Jehovah's Witnesses"

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  • 3rdgen

    One of the situations that woke us up to TTATT was the situation with my son. Very long story short: Son(in mid teens) leaves my home, moves in with ex JW father when Elder hubby and I marry. Son leaves father, goes off to college and decides he wants to study to be a JW. Being active JWs at the time we are thrilled and try to arrange for a study- NOBODY would do it. Son graduates, moves in with us and again we try to get someone to study with him. NOT ONE Elder or MS would do it. Hubby studys with stepson but there is friction. Son has accident and dies. All show up at the funeral home (wouldn't let us use KH) Hubby asks for help with some chores. NOBODY would help!!! ALL hubby's and my family are JWs. NOT ONE would help. So much for JW love.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Pure propaganda. People in "the world" are far MORE GENEROUS than most JWs. No question.

  • Thor

    sorry for your mum, but at least she's not shunning you!

    Mrs. Thor

  • abbasgreta

    Plucked up courage to phone my mum an hour ago. (I'm filth in her eyes.) Asked her how she was, as its been 6 months since we spoke together. SHE SAID SHE NEVER SEES A SOUL, IS TOTALLY ALONE (SHES 83) AND THAT EVEN HER BEST JW FRIEND OF 55 YEARS NEVER VISITS HER ANY MORE!!!) (Get this, her German Digi-box is faulty, and she asked the Elders if her dissassociated son-in-law (my husband) could COME OVER AND FIX IT, AND THEY SAID CERTAINLY!!!!!!! Still getting over that one.) Where is the jw love I ask myself? Before I dissed myself from the GB I did everything for her, hair, shopping, cleaning - just how is she managing? Finished off the conv by asking her what she thought of the noo lite regarding F & D Slave. She was astounded that I knew. Slapped all over the internet I replied. I asked her, Look, If they haven't been appointed yet,and its a FUTURE EVENT, then how can you say for def you have got the truth? (thanks to the poster who made this great point). She replied, "I've never found anything in 60 years which tells me this is not the truth.!!" Which did NOT answer my question - was just the standard sheeple reply. Finished the call with, "Mum, you're in a man-made cult, they're making it all up as they go along, just as they always have - OH WAKE UP!" and hung up. Decided to try the " direct approach" L(half heartedly) OL

  • sarahsmile

    3rdgen- that is really really sad! Sorry for what happen to your son. Something like that should never happen.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    When I decided to take a different course from my parents over the matter of the "Truth", my father did warn me

    - "If you get into any trouble, the only ones who will help you will be from this family."

    Boy was he right!

    Ten years later, my wife's health collapsed. Were the Dubs there to help care for our three small children?

    Like bloody hell they were!

    Rather, I was accused of trying "to use people." Instead, the two older children were cared for during the day by a welfare group run as a joint-initiative by the local churches. This being in a small town, the irony of that was noted by many in the community, I can tell you!

    Also, the youngest, not quite two years old at the time, was cared for by my terminally ill mother (who was dead before that year was over).

    As my father correctly predicted, have any problems, and the only people you can rely on are those in your own family (whether "worldly" or otherwise.


  • scary21

    No one in my moms con. would help her. 58 yrs. a JW.....89 yrs old. Her worldly neighbor helped her. The elders LOVED THAT IDEA ! I tell everyone the stories of how bad my mom was treated. Yes there are quite a few ( stories ) . It is quite the anti- WITNESS........love,no way...far from it !

    So much for widows and orphans


  • Comatose

    More on this.

    My parents came to a party we had for my son. All our neighbors were there. They are great people who get along great with. I would watch my parents start to open up and have fun and visit then see them walk away or stop smiling. It was evident they did not want to enjoy these "worldly people". Sigh...

    They have had terrible problems in their congregation. They have seen people the knew for years turn on them. But they still see this magical love and unity. I'm just very thankful I can't see it anymore!

    Thanks Shirley, Mr. Flipper, Lisa, and Thor's wife. :)

  • zeb

    Name the organisations that the WTS has set up to house, feed and clothe the devastated, the despairing the violated. NONE. HM jw families have lost their homes in the financial collapse in the US and HM have been FINANCIALLY assisted to get back on their feet. That would be a short list too.

    We faced eviction once due to the buildings owners changed circumstances. The jw all stood back and went "tsk".

    We had a baby dying and i could not get elders to visit him and his mother with him in hospital as the were all on Convention parts and had to work on them.

    We had a brother ripped us off in a straightforward business deal. this lead to 'committee meetings' this lead to nothing "Be spiritual, attend meetings, pray"

    when said brother came into money some time later i asked for the notes of said committee meeting and guess what they had vanished. Tell your mother that! I told an elder I had no option but go to a lawyer and I was threatened with dfp if i did. Tell her that too.

    I entered a change of career that included a good Superannuation/life insurance scheme. I jumped in for the protection it gave my family. Some of the bros who heard went "Tsk" and mumbled things about not relying on Jehovah. Before she answers ask her if she has car insurance. She does? Then she is insuring for something that might not happen but i insured against two things that WILL being old age with retirement and death..

    It was 'worldly people' that did the helping and the name of JW in the district stank.

  • zeb

    ... and when was any of the GB prepared to die for the bros in Nazi germany? None they stayed nice and sage in the US. and speaking of dying for.. consider what you may die for and then a few years later the rules get changed so you are still dead.

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