"Worldly people don't love the same as Jehovah's Witnesses"

by Comatose 43 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    JW's love you way more than the world*

    *Only if you follow all of the rules and never question anything, otherwise have fun living outside with the "dogs." (Rev 22:15)

    Worldly people don't give two shits about your status in the congo nor you're comments, hours, or anything else the witnesses use as a measuring stick of your love for God. Basically "wordly" people take the time to learn about you, be your friend, not judge, and show the love that Jesus guy always spoke of.

  • JakeM2012

    Oh, I have experienced the "love" from the congregation and the JW "familial love" from my brothers and mother. The wonderful traits that dominates the "spirit of the congregation", the body of elders, and my family are a rguing, blaming, complaining, criticizing, competing, controlling others, and judging others/events. I just really enjoy being the recipient of "love" when a fleshly brother or a fellow elder campaign a character assasination upon you. I can say that since I have left that I have not experienced anything like it. Unbelievable.

  • tiki

    how is that supposed to work...they would die for you? even if you are d'fed? won't say hi to you but will save your life? yeah, right....

  • Crazyguy

    I agree with sammy, all is well when you go to meetings and dont raise any doubt. Miss a few meetings and know one comes around, its all good but only when your there.

  • JakeM2012

    One ex-brother illustrated it to me this way; being an active witness is like being on a party boat floating down the river. Everyone on board is happy patting each other on the back, using each other for experiences, giving talks, going to dinner parties, invites, life is grand. Then somehow you end up falling off the boat.

    While in the water your yelling for help as the boat slowly moves on down stream and the sound and lights gets further and further away. You can hear the laughing of the witnesses on the boat as it gets further away. But no one hears your screams for help. You swim ashore, and after spending the night cold and wet, you wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon. You stumble down a small trail on the riverbank and find others that have fallen off the boat. You drink coffee, have breakfast, and hear the experiences of a few of the people that have fallen off the river boat. You find that everyone is in various stages of reestablishing their life.

  • mistysue

    this is crap, my husband is disabled, and got badly ill and had no money coming in, no over exagerating me and my husband were going hungry for days making sure the kids would eat we were that poor. I made several thinly covered cries for help in the way of making jokes. i.e sure i can study on so and so date, otherwise i will spend the day fighting a mouse for cheese. Or, sure i can do that for you...will you feed me. most knew about our predictament, NOT ONE SINGLE WITNESS offered to help us, not even a loaf of bread. who helped us? worldly friends, this was the exact moment i knew that it wasnt the cult for me

  • Finkelstein

    "Worldly people don't love the same as Jehovah's Witnesses"

    utter Bullshit. !!!

    I've come across many non-jws or even other religious people who are head above what comes out

    of a typical arrogant and ignorant JWS

  • Comatose

    Was just told on the phone this afternoon that worldy people will sell me down the river the first chance they get. Only the brothers will love you. This by someone I'm not related too.

    Hilarious. Run! It's a cult!!!

  • outsmartthesystem

    "In a conversation with my mum she said, "Son the friends love you and care about you so much. They would die for you. That's something you don't find in the world. You seem to have nice neighbors, but they don't love Jehovah. They would not be there for you if you needed them. Your dad and I would do anything for you! If something terrible happened and you were paralyzed, we would sell our house and move, take on jobs, go into debt, anything for you. That's a love the world doesn't have."

    Mom, please prove to me that my worldly friends would not do the same thing for me that my witness "friends" would. What you are suggesting is nothing more than a gross generality backed up by 0 facts. Tell me, please, if I were disfellowshipped and openly admitted that I do not believe the society is directed by God.......would all my "witness" friends be there for me if I needed them? What if I needed to borrow money? What if I needed a place to lay my head? What if I needed a kidney transplant? I cannot guarantee that my worldly friends would do that for me......but you know what I can guarantee? My witness "friends" certainly would NOT. All because of my social standing within the organization. I am grateful that if something happened to me you and dad would sell your house......move....take on jobs.....anything for me. But you know what? I would do that for my children too. And so would ANY loving parent. Try watching the news. Try opening your eyes the next time you are out shopping. You'll see worldly people taking care of their sick/injured adult children. And none of them have a caveat in their relationship with their children that says "you WILL be in the religion I chose for you......or I will cease taking care of you and showing natural affection."

  • doughnutkitty

    My mum and dad tell me the same thing; that when it boils down to it, "worldly people" don't care about you as much as the brothers and sisters in the congregation do, and that they would never be there for you when things get hard. In my experience, that isn't true. All the close friends I have and have ever had in my life have been "of the world". I've found that people who aren't JWs actually care about you as a person, not about how spiritual you are or if you're "good association" or not. Cliques in the congregations I've been in always excluded me. It goes to show that "love" within this religion is always only ever conditional.

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