An official YouTube channel.

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  • Jeffro
  • zound

    Imagine the profit margin on that new complex... mindblowing. The profit they make on Kingdom Halls times a shedload due to all those volunteers.

    Maybe I'm just a bitter apostate but that bit towards the end with all the smiley faces ... *vomit* *spew* *hurl*

    The part where there is two brothers standing side by side, one of them black, and the white guy jestingly pokes the other in the stomach as they pose for the camera - took me way back to the young zealous pioneers that always had this fake enthusiasm in the spirit of 'encouraging the young ones'. Even back then I saw right through it.

    I feel sorry for those smiley happy people.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    a) Thumbs down all the videos

    b) Report them for child abuse, promoting hatred etc. - if someone can compile times and stock messages that would be great

    c) Comment on their videos telling people to be careful and point them to additional resources.

  • Richard_I

    wow... never, ever thought they would make a YouTube channel, it always seemed to "worldly" to me and I assumed apostate videos would likely be in the related videos due to similar key words. plus, there's no way they will allow comments. very strange.

    if this gets mentioned in an elder's letter/letter to the cong., that would be big.

  • talesin


    No, they will not know if you view the video,,, only if you comment, or put a 'thumbs up'. It is safe to view them.



  • Hortensia


  • molybdenum

    I would be really discombobulated if this is a bona fide JW site.

    I cannot see the WTS doing this, ever.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it is taken down soon

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Very low view counts and comments.

    I had thousands of views daily in the short time the Sparlock video was up on my account and 100s of comments many from JWs themselves accusing me of making the video myself amongst other things.

    Such a low view count is very odd.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Jeffro: What's with the deleted videos?

  • Jeffro


    Jeffro: What's with the deleted videos?

    No idea... I'm guessing they're still working on setting up the German channel. Maybe they had some videos up as a test. Or maybe it was owned by someone else and Watchtower took it over as a trademark dispute and deleted the old content.

    I also have no way of knowing whether it (or any of them) is really official.

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