Zimmerman Not guilty

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  • Simon
    1. Zimmerman was at fault for killing Trayvon Martin.

    Most professional legal opinion was that he wasn't and the jury agreed.

    2. The “system” sometimes works in mysterious ways.

    Maybe it does. But you need evidence to make accusations.

    3. The next step should be a private wrongful death suit, not a federal civil rights prosecution.

    There is no civil rights issue here other than some flushing their movement down the toilet. There is no wrongful death because there is no intent and no evidence that it was not self defense.

    Mindless repetition of bullshit claims do not make things true. They may get cheers from a dumb angry mob but they don't convince people and should not have any influence inside of a courtroom.

    4. Liberal gun-control advocates are already overplaying their hand.

    It's actually the one thing that has been hardly mentioned. If you want to talk about "overplaying hands" though, go see the black racists: Crump, Sharpton, the NAACP et al

  • Simon

    Mary: Your links are a big FAIL - there is no evidence there at all, just unsubstantiated claims.

    Making a claim and a media report including it is not evidence of anything other than that someone has made that claim.

    What is on record: HE was the one attacked on multiple occassions, HE was the one with injuries and HE was the one who called the police.

    That is why she got a 20 year sentence.

  • Mary
    Mary: Your links are a big FAIL - there is no evidence there at all, just unsubstantiated claims.

    Simon, I never thought I'd say this but some of your statements are becoming very irrational. Which surprises me as I've always thought you to be a level-headed person. I sent you 2 links that showed her husband is a wife/spouse beater. He's admitted it. And now you're saying that it's a "big FAIL"? Seriously?

    Whatever. I've grown tired of this discussion. In reality it makes no difference what you or I or anyone else thinks about the whole situation because Zimmerman was found 'not guilty' by a panel of his peers. Whether we agree with it or not, it is what it is and we can't change it.

    Time to move on.

  • TD
    Im sure these points listed in this article are not new to everyone, but I found this pretty interesting:

    I think there are problems with that article too. Zimmerman was not told to stay in his car. Zimmerman was already out of his car when the dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that." Anyone who spins this as Zimmerman getting out of his car after he was told to stay in it either has serious reading comprehension problems or a problem with honesty.

    Another is the assertion that, "The jury could have convicted on manslaughter but made a plausible choice not to." While the statement is true at face value, the implication is that voluntary manslaughter was a more reasonable alternative for the jury.

    Voluntary manslaughter is almost an identical scenario to 2nd degree murder with severe emotional distress as a mitigating factor justifying a lesser sentence. Typical examples would be coming home early from work and finding another man in bed with your wife and shooting him dead on the spot. Or discovering that your next door neighbor has molested your child and shooting him dead on the spot. It is still intentional, meaning that it is not the result of accident, negligence, or self defense and the threshold of proof is as a result, comparable to actual 2nd degree murder.

  • Simon

    Sorry Mary, I don't know how I missed that paragraph - I think I need to go visit an optician. BTW: the two links were the same article - I kept the readable one which I initially stopped reading after realising it was a duplicate but should have read first.

    But still, that case has nothing whatsoever to do with this one. I fail to see the point of attempting to link them other than to promote accusation of unfairness where none exists.

  • Simon

    They could not convict him on manslaughter and not murder - if it wasn't murder then it was self-defense and that also excused manslaughter.

    Bad, bad prosecution and an incredible waste of tax payers money just to satisfy some racists who will not be happy unless they get what they want - revenge and retaliation without any justice or consequences.


  • awaken2004

    talesin, I agree the State would have hsd a better shot at a manslaughter conviction had that been the original charge. But still GZ would probably get off w reasonable doubt on his side.

    I think the police should have questioned GZ harder. They let him tell his story over and over. Its much easier to explain away inconsistencies when the only other eyewitness is dead. However, they probably didnt care enough h to do that bc they profiled TM just as GZ did.

    And with that I think im done w this topic

  • sd-7

    I can understand why this verdict was decided upon. I definitely didn't think murder was a viable charge. If anything I could understand manslaughter, but since apparently Martin turned back to confront Zimmerman and attacked him, Zimmerman had every right to defend himself and no reason to assume Martin was going to stop until he was dead. Since that's how it went down, Z is a free man and did what he had to do. Neither man committed a crime until one attacked the other, and since Martin apparently did the attacking, all bets are off on suggesting this was anything but self-defense. Assuming that's what the evidence brought out, I see no problem with a not guilty verdict.

    If anything, I feel awfully manipulated by the media presenting a false image of Martin with what looked like a picture of a little boy screaming for his life and being hunted down and murdered in cold blood. Who he was as a person, however, had nothing to do with the facts of the case. If he was a thug, that doesn't mean he deserved to die or that Zimmerman did the right thing; if he returned and attacked Zimmerman, then that's it, no sympathy for him because he put himself in a position where he could be killed instead of going home and enjoying the game. He had a choice too, he could've gotten off the phone with his friend and called 911 if he felt threatened and ran home and bolted the door.

    Do I think Zimmerman did the right thing in following him in the first place? No, but he committed no crime in doing so, no more than the security guard/Best Buy employee who follows me through every aisle of the f---ing store because I'm black and I have a bag with me is committing a crime. It's uncomfortable and unacceptable, but not illegal. Zimmerman could've been more subtle since he was potentially tailing a violent criminal, for all he knew, and common sense would suggest not giving the appearance that you're following/watching him. He could've been killed, and if he had been, we all know we wouldn't have heard of this incident at all unless we lived in Florida.

    Clearly this was a case of a situation that went south and a kid died. It wasn't a good situation for anyone involved, but a court of law and a jury of his peers found him not guilty after examining the evidence. Unless something new and shocking shows up later--and even if it did, there'd be no way to charge him again--it's only fair to accept the decision as it is. I think the details leave room for reasonable doubt about what happened and with that said, innocent till proven guilty has to rule.

    I don't think there's any cause to be happy or sad about it because someone died and someone else's life has been ruined. This has been a valuable learning experience, in my opinion, in terms of highlighting the very serious problem in a lot of folks' thinking about race in this country. People were up in arms and still are without taking the time to evaluate all of the facts in detail. Also, calling Zimmerman a "white Hispanic" as the media has done...I don't think I've ever heard anyone call anyone a 'white Hispanic' until this story came up. I know it's a term, but it's kind of a stupid term. I'm a white Native American black, by the way. I'll stick with "human", and "black", only so far as I need to be conscious of the fact that I bear the consequences of the irrational behavior of some blacks who have given the majority a bad name. Otherwise, it's just a lovely golden brown skin color, which just means I'm well-cooked as opposed to looking fresh out of the poultry section or whatever. My sell-by date isn't any better than yours, though, by that logic, we're all still just meatbags.

    So, from one meatbag to another, Zod bless you, and Zod bless America (, especially after Zod turns America into New Krypton. All hail Zod).


  • sammielee24

    Thank you sd - you said very politely and succinctly, what I have been trying to say since this began. Greatly appreciate your calm, common sense. sammieswife

  • Violia

    GZ looks very traumatized to me. He is by all accounts Not a racist but I could see how the viscous attacks by the left wing race hustlers could turn anyone into one. I think GZ needs to find a new place to live. He also looks like he could use some treatment, as he surely has PTSD from this. I hope he and his parentssue the hell our of the Team TM for trying tom Pervert justice. They want a public execution of him to show the white man what happens if you dare shoot a black person. No matter what the reason. I hope this whole tragedy will highlight all the murders that happened in Chicago (alone ) and of all crime committed by or to youth, regardless of race. it is a huge problem and poverty and ignorance is at the heart of it.

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