Since leaving watchtower what has been your biggest act of rebellion?

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  • flipper

    Regaining my authentic, born with personality and getting my freedom of mind and thinking back for myself. And never letting the WT Society control me again. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • Pistoff

    Voting felt very rebellious, I looked every which way when I got out.

    Reading about OT and NT from secular sources


    going to hear Richard Dawkins speak, it was great

  • awaken2004

    Probably not getting legally married. The reasons have changed over the years. But I've always enjoyed enjoying proving to the jdub family and other ppl we do not need to be legaly married to be married. Almost ten years together and now getting ready for our first baby. Honestly though, now that the baby is on the way we have been second guessing our thoughts about marriage.

  • Laika

    Oh! I've been to a few churches. I celebrated my birthday last month and NYE. I'm doing better than I thought!

    I'm definitely going to add giving blood to my to do list.

  • mouthy

    Truthseeker >>>My answer to your Question . JESUS CHRIST

  • NewYork44M

    I signed a petition to allow Anthony Weiner run for Mayor in NYC. I will probably vote for Weiner for Mayor and Eliot Spitzer for Comptroller. That is pretty wicked - right?

  • free and happy
    free and happy

    Birthdays are a biggie in our house and Xmas ( my house is lite up inside and out!)

    For the past 3 years the jws have worked our road xmas week, i'm sure they do it just to see if i've added any more lights ( if I could get gone awol on the roof I just might!)to add more lights.

    I'm also going to give blood and donor all my organs to be used when I die.

    oh and I found some bound volumes in the loft so we had a bonfire, it felt very liberating!

  • Phizzy

    Donate Blood, Vote, local and national, beard if that counts, laugh at JW's as they pass me in the street engaged in FS, refused to allow JW family to have their say on various matters to do with funerals etc, it had to be on my terms etc etc

    Frankly, I am not feeling that any of this is "rebellion", it is simply me being me, and standing up for what is right and true.

  • Unicorns

    I've seen these guys Ghost in concert twice, and very loudly and happily sang "Hail Satan!" along with them.

    I'm also a horror movie junkie, especially anything dealing with demons or the supernatural. However, I wouldn't consider the music and movies to be rebellious since I started getting interested in those things while I was still in.

    However, my habit of booing the Kingdom Hall whenever we drive by is a (silly) act of rebellion.

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    Aunt fancy: It was simple, I just did not put it in. When I would see the brothers around town and they say the earing, I had a good and reasonable justifcation for having it. You see, I do historical reenactments and I would say it was part of my persona. My avitar is me and my dog Zip. In reality, the ONLY person who said anything negative was my mother she said and I quote " Thats's disgusting". After she got use to it and accepted it was a Conscience matter, ("It's my conscience and yours don't matter" ) she asked what I liked better stud or a ring. I said" I perfer a claw." And boy do I have some. When we moved to where we are now the brothers also did not have any problems with it. NO gossip. Go figure!!

    affectionatley: Brother of the Hawk ( I will surrender my mind no more, or my ear ring, forever) LOL!!!!

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