Since leaving watchtower what has been your biggest act of rebellion?

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  • 3rdgen

    I'm in a pissy mood and would love to hear your stories. Personally, I'm thinking of getting a tatoo on my rear end saying WBT$ Kiss This!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    My biggest act of rebellion since leaving the cult is using my time the way i think best! LOL

    Some less ghastly rebel behavior i have committed lately is reading C of C and Combatting Cult Mind Control. And hanging out with this and other similar websites.

    I'm feeling better all the time!

  • designs

    Voting #1

    #2 Protest Marches and campaigns against: Pollution, Over Development, Anti-War!

    #3 Support the local Food Bank!

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    Hell! while I was still in I got my left ear pierced. That was about 8 years ago. Long story, but if you watched our video on youtube that elder named Jim was the biggest reason I did what I did.

    affectionately: Brother of the Hawk ( I will surrender my mind no more, forever)

  • Pickler

    My biggest act of rebellion is learning how to be selfish. By that I mean, learning how to find something you like doing, and do it, for yourself, for fun. Having fun is something I have had to learn. It's not easy. But, having kids makes you confront things & work on them.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    1) Addressing the local Catholic priest as "Father"

    2) Relieving feelings of frustration by liberal use of expletives

    3) Listening to songs such as the Statler Brother's "Bed of Roses"

  • TotallyADD

    I grew a beard. It's very grey. I smoke a pipe once in awhile. We go to a UU church. Celebrate Xmas and brithdays. Normal things people do. No drugs induce sexual pervertions where I go out and kill someone then go out and get drunk and go home and beat my wife. Like the WT would like everyone to believe. Also belong and very active in a master gardening club. Totally ADD

  • Nosferatu

    donating blood. feels great every time i do it!

  • Laika

    I've registered to vote but haven't had the chance to actually do it yet. I grew a beard but it was a little patchy so I shaved it off.

    I need to work on this...

  • 3rdgen

    Great responses everyone! I never thought that simply living a happy life could actually be an act of rebellion. (I tend to lean toward the dramatic.)

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