This is my first time. Please be patient.

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  • crmsicl

    I am so sorry. I'm sure the rest of your life will be better. You will have to work through a lot but you've made it this far. Wishing you safety and peace from here on out.

  • jamiebowers

    Marked for continuation of the story.

    Stay strong, Miss Fit. The more often you tell this story, the more you will release the poisonous memories. Believe me, I know.

  • jookbeard

    Shocking story what you've told so far, sadly JW's make the very worst parents and your mom sounds like one of the very worst, your situation wasn't helped by your mom moving you into JW foster families, they really are the dregs of human society the utter dregs, been there with my sado masochistic father.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome to the forum! What a terrible ordeal that you and your sisters have been through.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Welcome Miss.Fit, I am so sorry you have lived through such a traumatic childhood and I hope you are in a much better place now. The more you talk about it the less power it has over you. If you are having a hard time dealing with it I suggest you get professional counseling too. We are always here for you and will be a hearing ear for you. I look forward to getting to know you.

  • lisavegas420

    I am so very sorry you and your sisters had to suffer such horrible things.

  • whathappened

    OH my, this is so upsetting. Are a-holes still alive? You poor thing, you and our sisters.

  • Miss.Fit

    The thing is I knew about the 2 witnesses rule. I tried to get sis to tell someone. She was afraid nobody would believe her. We were conditioned to always make FPElder look good.Then I found out that he had been messing with my little sis for years. I tried to get her to tell but she was too scared. I didn't know what to do. We were always told that if it werent for them , we would be in a state home. We had no where to go.

    The next meeting day he wanted to stay home to work on the house. He wanted one of the girls to stay and "help " him. Imagine my horror when he suggested my littlest sister who was 8 . He didn't know that I knew. I volunteered to stay home. I wasnt going to put my sisters in that position again.

    He started his routine but I was ready and would not play along. He finally gave up the pretense and put me on his lap and fondled me and then told me if told anyone he would say I was exagerating. I did not confront him because I was afraid of him.

    I did call a meeting with my sisters. This was wrong. We could not live like this. I knew if I could talk one of my sisters into telling with me I would have 2 witnesses. We could not call the police. We did not want to go to the state home and we did not want to put reproach on gods name.

    We just knew he should not be an elder. And maybe if the elders and FP mom knew he would stop.

    That is why I believe you cant always expect the victim to report to authorities. The molester knows how to naipulate

  • Hortensia

    That's awful. I hope you and your sisters are OK now -- although it's hard to recover from abuse like that. It makes me sad for you, and for all the other little kids who were beaten, starved, raped and otherwise abused.

  • Miss.Fit

    Jookbeard- no my mother was not the worst. She really trusted these people. I do not believe that JWs are he dregs. I believe he would have done this whether he was a JW or not. I blame the foster system who did not check on us.

    I am an on and off fader. Iwas baptized right before I found out about everything. Part of the reasonwhy was I wanted approval and to please him. When we finally told FPmom she went straight to the elders. We had arranged to tell her when he was gone.

    I was bitter for a long time. The elders did not report vecause FP mom convinced them that we had no where to go. If they told social services would take us away. FPdad sId he was sorry and ge thought he was possessed . Maybe by something ny mom had sent us. So we gad to go through everything she sent and throw it away in case it was demonized. Then they removed him as an elder but did not tell anyone why. He still lived with us but we were told thar 2 of us had to be with him at all tines. No one should be alone with him


    I have a clear memory of an incident. After everything came out, I remember FPdad going to hug little sis goodnight and she shrank away. FP mom was mad and made her apologize for hurting his feelings.

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