What Is The Most Absurd JW Belief or View?

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  • Emery

    1918 FDS teaching

  • Jeannette

    Life is to short You can drive a pedophile around going door-to-door, but treat kids that "smell a rat' like dirt.

  • Jeannette

    Baptizing children are baptizing infants. If you are going to baptize a 10-year-old, then give him a glass of beer for dinner, and let him get married at the same time. If its all legal, then its all legal.

  • Thoughtless

    Honestly, as a doubting JW/apostate, I still believe in the blood issue. I won't accept blood for myself, but as for others, I think it is a conscience decision. I mean, what helped me come to this conclusion namely is the situation in which David denied the water in which his soldiers busted their arses to get out of the respect of their lives. But that is just me. I think when it came to Christians eating the meat that were used for pagan festivals, a lot of Christian jimmies were rustled and Paul essentially told them to chill out, it's a conscience decision. In my personal opinion, I think blood, holidays (with the exception of some such as Halloween) and other PRINCIPLES should just stay that way, PRINCIPLES, not LAWS. It is all a conscience decision, and we should just leave that as such. Now to contriboot to the thread. I believe that the 1914 math is just utter BS and that is what helped spearhead my doubting/curiosity about the bOrg along with the 1919 theme. I think the UN prophecy is actually really interesting, but fallacious due to the fact that the ten toes of the beast means nothing in JW eschatology. This is just my view point. ~Thoughtless

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Their most absurd belief is that they're witnesses for Jehovah. Jehovah must be really p***** off with a bunch of priggish losers who preach that he's going to destroy everyone. Great, let's all worship this God of love! In terms of being public relations ambassadors for Jehovah, they're an unmitigated disaster. People don't much like Jehovah because of THEM.

    Like the people say: "I have no problem with Jehovah but his fan club are a pain in the a*se!"

  • Vidiot

    That the "Creative Days" were 7,000 years long.

    Growing up liking dinosaurs, this one irked more than just about any other (of course, now there are many more things that irk me far worse).

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Most absurd - all of their teachings regarding the flood. They teach that: Noah actually existed, and was as old as the bible says he was. Nephilim were real. The earth has a vapour barrier,or "water canopy" around it. Animals were not mean, and didn't eat meat. Neither did humans. Noah preached about Jehovah and the coming flood when he wasn't busy chopping trees down and building a 450 foot long boat. Which in their paintings is the shape of a chocolate bar. Jehovah then had two of EVERY species of animal on earth come and fit into this boat. The flood waters came, covered all of the earth even the highest mountains. Noah still did Family Worship on the ark.

    Oh, and this was only 4500 years ago.

    They teach all of these things as fact, they even still have articles and talks about it. Even the water canopy thing and that animals didn't eat meat. Wow.

    Not their most absurd by impossibility, but most harmful would be the blood doctrine. I cringe when I wonder what could have happened had I or someone close to me been seriously injured and needed blood.

  • Rocky_Girl

    That you can celebrate anniversaries, but not birthdays.

    That every "faithful" person in the bible was an early "JW."

    The way they call others "christians" as if were an insult, while claiming to be true christians.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Ding says: "The idea that God speaks only through them and that whenever they say something wrong it's just because the light is getting brighter and brighter. They control all of JWs' lives based on that and all their other nonsense is accepted because of it."

    Right on...that is the source of all their difficulties. Their faith is in men, not God or the Bible. The Bible is supposed to act as a Christian's corrective. IITim.3:16. But the truth is the Bible can never correct a JW's beliefs or practices contrary to what men say. Only men can change a JW's beliefs about what the Bible says/means or what God desires/ intends.

  • Bella15

    2 witness rule - like if in the case of a pedophile they will invite onlookers ...

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