Open letter – Re: Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Anderson

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    Band on the Run


    No one can dispute yo u because you are trolling. You do not understand how federal law and state law intersect. Sadly, most Americans fo not. We only learned in law school.The state s existed as colonies long before the federal const'n was drafted. Our basic law comes from the states. The US Const'n merely carved out express areas that the states decided to waive their rights. Many states grant more personal liberty than the federal one does.

    The WT breaks law in country after country The WT I

    is no longer David , boldly demanding civil liberties. Those days are long gone and govt learned a valuable lesson about minority rights. The cra ppy lawyers don't see s larger picture to protect their client in the long run.Elders are screwed by a big business religion with too much power.Children are valuable. Candace Conti already won with the bad publicity. No one need go to law school to see that compliance with neutrsl laws brings good will. Would Candace have sued if a nice, warm human expressed sympathy and set forth a basic plan to lessen future incidents. Bad lawyers run to court and give no ground. Sincerity could have kept her from suing. The lawyers could have made s GB member discuss the situation without harming any legal rights of the WT. One is a better way to practice.

  • Prime

    Whatever the government requires is a floor, not a ceiling. If you want to boast about your morals, don't do the minimum.

    It sounds like you're the conservative type (personal responsibility).

    Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

    Even the WTS notes that child abuse is under reported.

    g82 6/22 p. 9 Rape at Home

    Five thousand new cases are reported nationally each year, and experts say that for each one reported ten or twenty go unreported.

    From reading these posts, everyone is transparent except an elder. “Professionals applicable to child abuse reporting laws,” is to help things get reported. It's not to take the place of personal responsibility.

  • GLTirebiter
    That's why I stated; “What authority gives this woman or the administrative position of Jehovah's Witnesses the right to require more from the elders than the federal government?”

    You really do miss the point! The document I quoted was produced by the federal government; the link I included to that document is to a federal government web site where they describe which state laws apply--what residents of the various states are required to do. Are you saying the federal Department of Health and Human Services doesn't know what they are talking about?

  • Retrovirus

    It sounds like you're the conservative type (personal responsibility).
    Once again, focussing on the messenger instead of addressing the issues.

    Even the WTS notes that child abuse is under reported

    Noting a problem to bemoan the sinfulness of Satan's world falls far short of contributing to its solution. Of course it's easier too.

    From reading these posts, everyone is transparent except an elder. “Professionals applicable to child abuse reporting laws,” is to help things get reported. It's not to take the place of personal responsibility

    Your problem with reading comprehension continues. No-one has said this. Many people in an evolved society have responsibilities (legal and moral) for helping minors and handicapped persons; these cannot be left entirely to the primary carers!

    JW elders are not singled out here, nor do they or the wt merit a free pass.


  • castthefirststone

    Why is it okay for the elders to phone the branch office and discuss private confidential information yet they can only phone the authorities once permission has been obtained from that office?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    You know you're in a really sick religion when it has policies that hinder the protection of little children from sexual abuse. The Jehovah's Witnesses record of protecting children is lamentable, in fact, they are guilty for children's deaths.

    I cannot think of any surer sign of a false religion. If Jesus ever does return, the Jehovah's Witnesses leadership and Catholic Church clergy will be the first to be destroyed for their crimes against children.

  • wha happened?
  • Chaserious

    You are 100% right, wha happened. I'm done feeding this one. Shame on me for taking so long to realize it.

  • AnnOMaly

    AnOMaly sound like she has all the hallmarks of a former double life JW Reniaa who cruises dating sites all the while coming on here telling everyone she's going back to the WTS when she's cleaned up her seedy lifestyle, and all could be Eggnogg and Maze.

    Ahh yes! If I remember correctly, the 'Maze' alias came after the 'Spade' one. Hard to keep track (which, I guess, is the intention).


    Again: " Evidently Christ Jesus' Brothers, the Governing Body of the WTBTS inc., cannot be bothered with the unfair burden of protecting children."

    I love how Prime can dance around legal issues by cutting and pasting, but cannot or will not respond to any statements that require a moral answer. It's interesting to see which statements are avoided. The thinking process that Prime uses is exactly the same process used by the GB and the Lawyers.

    This is THE reason that the GB will do everything in their power to stay off the witness stand. Sooner or later a moral question arises that cannot be avoided. The GB hide from the Superior Authorities, even saying that the FDS/GB is not real, just a theological arrangement. They will do ANYTHING to avoid responsibility! That is what a Corporation is for. They will do ANYTHING to avoid being exposed, but their time is coming.

    I believe their lack of decency and morality is why the will lose the Conti case. The good people of the jury saw through the subterfuge.

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