July 15 Watchtower - Contradiction on Page 22 paragraph 10

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  • DeWandelaar

    The striking stick they always use is that you have to "wait for Jehovah"... so in their "humble" opinion it does not matter when the teachings change... what DOES matter is that you obey WITHOUT questioning... CULT CULT CULT!

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    Wow. Just wow. Thanks for posting this. And I know there was a Theocratic School Review question asking something along the lines of: Is the GB the FDS, and they will mark that answer as incorrect.

    Clearly, they make the Bible say whatever they want it to say.

  • designs

    Like politics these Leaders control the flow of information. Russell and Rutherford knew that centralized power served them best.


    Nice video! So true.

    Crazy Guy, said ," i'm just going to ask 'since rutherford was the first Faithful and discreet slave his first meal was the finishmystery and the 1925 debacle were 80 percent of his followers left."

    So the "bible" chronology that 1914 is based on came from a man who was not an FDS. Isn't that important to recognize? Then when the real FDS, Joseph Rutherford came on the scene. He fed the Flock with The Finished Mystery. He also built a mansion for the Ancient Worthies and lived there himself. He published other goodies like The Harp of God. He declared that the heavenly calling had ended. So did anything that the FDS/Rutherford served to the Flock prove true? Could any of it match the WTBTS's criteria for "truth" given at the God's Word is Truth DC?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Playing the devil's advocate, perhaps the Governing Body determined that a hierarchal structure had to formalized to keep the Organization unified. First, if the slave were the anointed members, then how can it be determined that any one anointed one is really anointed or mistaken? Taking the ancient church as a type, there has to be a conduit from God's throne to God's people. If the Society is "Jehovah's Organization" as they claim, there has to be a clearcut chain of command. Since there is no practical way to include all the anointed Christians as the leaders, the Governing Body most likely determined that while the anointed may be Jehovah's government over Paradise Earth, for now the "slave" had to be a confirmed group of anointed brothers through which could come Jehovah's undisputed word.

    When Paradise Earth is established, the "slave" designation most probably will go back to all the anointed, but unless a hierarchal structure exists, there's always the risk that some people claiming to be anointed will stir up rebellion in the ranks.

    Having said that, the Society still lacks any evidence at all that it represents anyone but themselves. In my view, God's representative organization on Earth must never be self-appointed. If they have authority, then they must have witnesses who can attest to their authority. Who can attest to the Governing Body's apostleship? If God has chosen and ordained them, they would be the first to know it. Yet the GB has absolutely no certificate of authority from the Almighty. They have had no visions. They have seen no angels. There was no burning bush, no star in the sky. When Jesus ousted Satan in 1914 and placed him on Earth, who was it who tempted man prior to 1914? Didn't Jesus cast out Lucifer's minons in his day? How is that possible if Satan and his angels were in Heaven?

    The bottom line is that the WTBTS is a manmade religious organization which claims to speak for God. So how are they any different from other manmade organizations?

  • iCeltic

    Larry, do you have the scriptures used for the latest wt regarding the slave?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This OP is great. Some good ammo for the weekend.

    When friends and family yammer on about this "new light", direct them to the 1981 WT. . . .

    Their "new light" is over 30 years old! And it was endorsed by apostates!

  • truthsetsonefree

    They'll say whatever they want and find some way to justify it. This is another manifestation of what many of us have been saying about WT for years now.


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