July 15 Watchtower - Contradiction on Page 22 paragraph 10

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  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    The paragraph says:

    Who, then, is the faithful and discreet slave? . . . that slave is made up of a small group of anointed brothers who are directly involved in preparing and dispensing

    spiritual food during Christ’s presence.

    My thoughts:

    It is kind of ironic that the teaching has changed to mean that only a small group are actually involved in preparing and dispensing food during Christ’s presence.

    In 1981 there was a big scandal in Brooklyn. The editor of the Awake left the organization, the registrar and co-author of the Gilead school left, one of the members of the Governing body left along with more than 200 others. One of the points that those that left agreed on was that the faithful slave really did not “represent” the 144,000.

    In response to this there was a very direct Watchtower article condemning those who held this viewpoint as “objectors”. Here is part of that article:

    "Witnesses of Jehovah understand that the "slave" is comprised of all anointed Christians as a group on earth at any given time during the 19 centuries since Pentecost. Accordingly, the "domestics" are these followers of Christ as individuals.

    Some readers may feel that this is a rather sectarian view of matters. Or they may object to the idea that the "slave" and the "domestics" represent the same class, one as a composite body and the other as individuals. The objectors may argue that not all of Christ's anointed disciples have a share in preparing the spiritual food, so that perhaps the "slave" pictures only the leading ones, and the "domestics" those they serve in the congregation.

    There is no point in trying to force an interpretation of the parable. Self-deception is of no benefit and is spiritually damaging. Therefore, we must look to the Scriptures for an understanding. In doing this, what do we find?

    [ ... ]Thus we see a clear Scriptural basis for saying that all anointed followers of Christ Jesus make up God's "servant," with Jesus as its Master." Watchtower 1981 Mar 1 pp.24-26

    Notice that last sentence above? That is proof positive that they can use the scriptures to prove or disprove whatever they want to. Let's break this down to its basics.

    1. So called "apostates" claim that the only the governing body is truly the "faithful slave", and the 144,000 anointed can not be part of it because they are not involved "feeding".

    2. They are condemned as apostates, called objectors, thought of as disloyal.

    3. The governing body prints a Watchtower (spiritual food) that says that there is a "clear scriptural basis for saying all anointed followers of Christ Jesus" are part of the "slave".

    4. Move forward 32 years. The governing body prints another Watchtower, this time saying the exact opposite thing. Now we are shown scripture after scripture that proves that the anointed are NOT part of the "slave"

    Is this really light getting brighter? We know the scriptures didn't change, we know that Jehovah does not change, and we know that the truth does not change. Were the governing body telling the truth the first time? Are they telling the truth now? How are we supposed to know?

    I think this food has a little bit of a bad odor coming off of it.

  • williamhconley

    It's despicable how the WT uses the scriptures to say whatever they want to say. The contradiction you brought to light shows that the scriptures can easily be twisted to support almost any human viewpoint.

    Will the GB be humble and recognize that those " opposers" were right that said that the real fds was the GB? Of course not! How about re-instating those df'd in the 80's for stating that the GB are the real ones in charge and not the rest of the 144k or those "opposers" who clearly spoke out that the generation of 1914 was not the generation Jesus was speaking about?

    The real issue here is not the truth but to believe and accept whatever the GB says what the truth is. Any thinking JW will come to realize that JW's are not allowed to follow the Bible but only the interpretations of the GB.

    If God directed the GB with this new light, how is it possible that others knew about it some 30 yrs ago and yet were labelled apostates? Who guided them?


  • DesirousOfChange

    What issue?


  • iCeltic

    What are the scriptures used in the latest wt regarding the slave?

  • Ding

    Great catch!

    The most frustrating part of this is that if you show JWs this contradiction, they won't care.

    The phrase "new light" is enough to keep them contented and in line.


    What did those so called "apostates" mean when they said the FDS did not represent all anointed? Were they saying that in reality ONLY the GB were thought of as the FDS because they never ask other anointed ones for input? Or were persons like Ray Franz saying that only the GB should be the FDS, and there was no FDS "class."

    I guess it doesn't really matter. The real point is that they gave "proof" that there was a FDS class from 33ce onward. If you did not believe that " truth" then you were decieving yourself. So back then the current "truth" was apostasy, and now the past "apostasy" is "the truth."

    Good catch! BTT!!

  • JakeM2012

    Ding, you are correct. My experience with trying to reason with Witnesses of their contraditions, flip flops, and new light/old light discussions, they just don't want to hear it, Period. Good comment.

  • Crazyguy

    i'm just going to ask 'since rutherford was the first Faithful and discreet slave his first meal was the finishmystery and the 1925 debacle were 80 percent of his followers left.' 'So how is this food working out and all the food since' 1941, 1975, 2000, THIS GENERATION WILL BY NO MEANS PASS AWAY, etc.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Indian Larry, you just made me think, if we supported what is now in the WT back in the 80's, we too would have been DF'd for Apostasy, support now what they wrote then and you are DF'd for Apostasy.

    I was asked the loyalty question a number of times by Elders trying to DF me for Apostasy, all the teaching they were asking me to concur with at the time has gone out the window .

    What action should they take now ? call and ask me if I go along with the New Light (Noo S***te) ?

  • Bobcat

    Indian Larry:

    Thank you for that reference!

    Take Care

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