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  • ilikecheese

    "That reminds me, I've been meaning to send a request for a free home Bible study for the neighbors dog."

    haha Curse you, Billy, now I really want to do this to one of my brothers! One of them has a fat cat with a person name; he'd be the opportune target. :P

    His cat could use some morals, anyway. He just rolls into rooms and steals people's Chinese food when they're not looking. He doesn't even care, the glutton.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    I always wanted to use a loudspeaker in the KH during the WT study on one of my comments, no need for mics and annoying.

  • Londo111

    In reality, the intentions are at crosspurposes with what most of us here are wish to accomplish. By becoming the Watchtower poster child of the mentally diseased apostate, you do their bidding.

    These people are victims of mind control. By making entertainment from this, it is no different than using a person with a disability for your entertainment.

  • Simon

    Why not focus on living your life and being happy?

    Petty tricks and disruptions don't accomplish anything other than convince the targets that everything they have been told is the truth.

  • truthhurts13

    Thanks too all for sharing these wonderful ideas with me. Theres a lot of gold in there! That witch ideas is awsome. Backseatdevil I was laughing so hard at the dog idea I was almost crying. Billie you should change your name to BillieBadAss.... That would be BadAss! Lol You are awsome man, Much inspriration

    For those with the opinion that I should be doing something more constructive with my life and being happy, here's a little info for ya about me. Its not meant to be interpreted as bragging, boasting, etc. These are just facts. The truth so to speak.

    I own my own business, which thrives on its own so I dont have to really do anything. I compete in mens bodybuilding, have an elite total in mens powerlifting competition, and I also own a non-profit that pretty much runs itself. My beatiful wife competes in women's bodybuilding, women's powerlifting, and is a top NATIONAL women's figure competitor. Today we woke up around 9(we sleep in everyday, because we can) had sex, and spent the morning driving around to 4 used book stores (this is my absolute favorite thing to do, going to used book stores) and drinking starbucks.... oh yeah and we also got a Jamba Juice with 2oz wheat grass shots (love that stuff!)

    So now, here I am at 2:45 on this Tuesday afternoon, sitting in my rocking chair, typing away and staring outside at the beautifull sunshine and great weather we're having. Then in about another 30 minutes I'll walk my little dogs around the property.... right after the ebay auction that Im bidding on is over. Then I'll probably take a nap. OH YEAH, and Im sure I'll throw in a bong rip or 2 just for good measure LOL!

    So now I have to ask, What did you do today? What personal goals have you accomplished? What are your future goals? Not tryin to be rude, just askin questions. And for those that said to build something, Please give me a few ideas of what I should build, that I don't already have? I build my body, and My mind everyday, which in turn gives me the life I've always wanted, and now have. So, whats left to build?

    LONDO, YOU say that they are VICTIMS of mind control, and it's the equivalent to using a disabled person for my entertainment. Well I have to question you on that. Can a person with a disability, just change their mind at any given moment and get rid of their disablility? If so, please explain in great detail because I don't know of any that can do that. Can a jaydub just change their mind at any given moment, and get rid of their disability? Well I have to answer YES to that one. Why? Because I DID IT! A VICTIM is only a victim when they allow themselves to be a victim. If everyone stood up and took all the responsibility for all of their own actions, they wouldn't be in that state.

    If someone is breaking into my front door, sure I could be a little, fearful, afraid coward and hide under my bed and allow myself to get robbed and allow myself to be a victim. OR... I can meet them at the door with a shotgun shoved in their face and handle my business. Either way, the CHOICE is mine, and mine alone...Which of those do you think I am?

    Its actually kind of offensive to compare a person who actually has a disablity that they CANNOT get rid of and is NOT a result of their own actions, to a person who, out of their OWN volition, continues to impose mental bars on themselves. Nobody is holding a gun to their head. Their lack of due diligence (RESEARCH) holds them back. But again, that is a personal choice that they all make themselves. Nobody can think for you. So YES, they are a victim of their OWN actions. Do you think the ones who molest children, are also victims? If they were really "TRUTH SEEKERS", then it would be obvious to them. But obviously they are not

    Wew, after all that, I NEED A HIT!

  • frankiespeakin

    Ok I have to admit I can sometimes be petty (own my own shadow), and I may have an evil sense of humor but Truth13, don't forget your woopee cushion and some fart gas, they have some nice deals on the net:

    Bring a bunch of friends to the Memorial all sit in the same row eating all the crackers and drinking everylast drop of wine. I admit I'm too old for this nor do I have any desire but it is amuseing to think up different scenarios.

  • truthhurts13

    Holy Crap frankiespeakin........ I LOVE YOU!!! My order should be here in 10-14 days, its coming from Australia, pretty good prices too

    By the way, you are NEVER too old for this stuff. You live in Cali too, we could get together and have some serious laughs!

  • Londo111

    Everyone’s circumstances differ and people awake for different reasons and in different ways. But for the most part, being in a cult is a psychological issue. Even when a person escapes, sometimes it takes years to be deprogrammed.

    For instance, Information control prevents a person from making informed decisions. It’s almost like some sort of Jedi mind trick, their cognitive facilities have been turned against them. Many people who have been born in did not make a real choice. Those under mind control have layers of fear and guilt that weigh upon their heart.

    They have two selves: their authentic identity and the cult identity. The authentic identity is not the enemy. The cult identity has been imposed upon them very gradually in an low and slow period of indoctrination.

    To play with these guilts and fears, to make the cult identity come to the fore, is indeed playing with a psychological disability.

  • BackseatDevil

    @truthhurts13 okay okay okay, so I HAVE to ask... I worked out with a trainer who used to be a big pothead, and he said that if he smoked a lot on one day, on day two when he worked out he would end up getting high again (THC is stored in the fat... working out burns fat). I thought he was just kidding me. The process seems too fast (to build up fat and burn it all within a 24 hour period).

    Can you veriy this claim?

    (doggie demon possession can be a serious issue. Cesar Millan doesn't cover that sh*t in his books, you know... :-)

  • truthhurts13

    I was born in and did not make a choice. I endured countless beatings with a leather strap, by my ELDER/Presiding Overseer father for not being able to find the correct issue of the watchtower being studied.

    Many times I've been forced down into a dark, dank, cellar, alone, and for hours upon hours upon hours forced to read stacks and stacks of bound volumes and other books into the early morning hours, and wasn't allowed to sleep until I was done. Then forced to confess out loud, that God thinks I am worse than a disfellowshipped person.

    Repeatedly I was told that my "wordly" mother was going to die at armageddon, and her eyes were gonna pop out, and her skin was gonna fall off, and her hair fall out, and blood would pour from her ears and nose.....cause she's not a jaydub...

    and all that started around age 4 and continued.

    So, I think I can personally relate, to "mind control"...... even if only on a small scale. Then I started taking responsibility for my actions, and now I have a beautifull life to show for it

    They are disabled, because they choose to be. The truth is literally a keystroke away.

    Again, "In the age of information, ignorance is a choice"

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