Running out of ideas, please help

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  • truthhurts13

    Ok, I hate to admit this but, Im running out of ideas of things to do to the local jaydubs. I mean yeah, knockin on their doors and showing up and taking books from the kh is fun and all, but kinda gettin stale. My next big one is gonna be at the next memorial, where Im gonna wear a big wool jacket and top hat as I chug the wine and eat the bread, then stand up and yell "Praise the Lord Im healed!" also would like to have a stylish walking stick....always wanted one of those

    But, thats months away, and I need something to "fill in the gaps" so to speak. Im getting bored. Anybody wanna help me with some ideas?

    Also, please dont bother posting things such as "I wouldn't do that because......." or "you really shouldnt do that stuff because....." Im not interested in hearing those opinions and It will fall on deaf ears

  • Londo111

    I wouldn't do that because...

    You really shouldnt do that stuff because.....

    What is your goal? Is it to make them feel persecuted and draw closer to Organization? Then congrats! You will have accomplished your goal!

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah Lando's probably right.

  • jgnat

    Blu-Tack+Avery Business Card+ Bullshit Bingo UNDER Office Chair

    Give the kiddies something to do.


    Print up some tracts to stuff in the donation box.

  • jam

    truth: how about this. True story, a elderly sister in

    my congregation. She would agree with the speaker but

    verbally. She would say things like, you speak brother,

    yes that's right that is what the Bible say, speak on, you

    are not lying, I know you are right..

    The meetings were lively. LOL

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Meh, the local congregation had enough crazies that hoarding literature, partaking at the memorial, and claiming miraculous healings would just blend in as typical nuttiness.

    I'd suggest sending letters to the branch questioning doctrinal changes, signed using the names and return addresses of various congregation members.

  • iCeltic

    Billy, that last point was brilliant! I laughed my arse off.

  • Bob_NC

    Billy, that is pure genuis! Only don't make the name/address one of the elders. The elder body will get the letter sent to them from the Society anyway and realize it is a hoax.

    On second thought, make the name/address be the PO (coordinator). That will really put a spin on things.

  • truthhurts13

    Londo, my goal is to have something free and fun to do to pass these lazy summer afternoons..... to have fun and laugh, and enjoy life, thats all. Take a nice big bong rip, and screw with some jaydubs, now thats a good time, know what I mean?! Its all just a big game anyways. I couldn't really care less if they draw closer to the org or not. Thats their problem, not mine

    There's a Maxim of Law which states: Let he who shall be deceived, be deceived

    So if they are stupid enough, to believe something stupid, then they can go ahead and be stupid. Thats their choice, so they can deal with it!

    In the age of information, ignorance is a choice

    BILLY, You my quickly becoming my new hero! Bout to start my first letter! That was gold Billy, pure gold

    Maybe an elder resignation letter would be in order.......

  • jgnat

    I am worried about your view of people as things, a source of entertainment. Your pleasure could be longer lasting if you redirected your energy in to building something. Do you imagine a future?

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