Richard Ashe Court Deposition - " Let elders handle child abuse- don't talk about it "

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  • flipper

    As some of you know I was given pdf files of much of the Conti and Lopez child abuse court cases and asked from a friend to peruse through it and post some excerpts on the board here that may have been missed or not addressed in the PBS Newshour report or the ABC News Nightline report. So after going through this Richard Ashe testimony I feel I found something quite interesting that exposes the real attitudes of the WT Society leaders towards child abuse AND the attitudes WT leaders put into it's appointed men's minds as well. The viewpoint that Richard Ashe displays is repeated in elders throughout thousands of JW congregations on this planet.

    In Ashe's court deposition on pg. 300 attorney Irwin Zalkin asked him this question, " Was it the policy of the Jehovah's Witness organization that a member who is a victim of childhood sexual abuse should NOT discuss that with other members of the congregation ? "

    Richard Ashe replied, " It was encouraged that such individuals would talk to the shepherds of the congregation to get spiritual assistance . But to go out indiscriminately and talk about it with others, that's a PERSONAL DECISION they make. WE DON"T CONTROL INDIVIDUALS. " O.K. This is an out and out lie that he states here. Much evidence indicates that young JW child abuse victims HAVE been DFed in the past for telling others in the congregation that they were molested . Even JW family members of child abuse victims HAVE been DFed for talking about a child abuse situation within their congregations - so Ashe is lying when he claims that " no sanctions " are levied against child abuse victims or their families. " It HAS happened .

    Now notice in Ashe's next comments how he contradicts his first statement about " not controlling individuals " . Richard Ashe continues in answering Zalkin, " But you try and help them ( child abuse victims ) to see that by talking about this with others indiscriminately , especially an allegation of child abuse that has not been proven or established by means of scriptural standard of evidence- may NOT be in the best interest of the person, NOT because of any sanction by the organization, but just by the personal response that they may receive from others, they simply DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about these things. They're not elders. They're not trained shepherds, and they may be going through situations in their own life that they can't bear hearing these things. " So let me get this straight. In this organization that claims to have the " MOST loving people " on the earth- a child abuse victim is better served to stay quiet, not seek out emotional support from his or her " loving Christian brothers and sisters or close friends ? " How does Richard Ashe get off saying that most of fellow JW's " don't want to hear about these things " ? Why ? So the elders and WT leaders won't be embarrassed that felony child abuse is alive and happening within many congregations ?

    It's obvious to me and I'm sure others that the goal of the WT Society is to cause separation between victims of child abuse and their " brothers and sisters " who should be allowed to support these victims. It's a way many mind control cults use in alienating victims, or " trouble makers " who would otherwise influence rank &file JW's against the criminal WT child abuse policies which protect pedophiles- not victims of child abuse. So that's how I see this particular deposition by Richard Ashe. I welcome any and all comments, observations, or views on this. Your comments are needed to keep the public aware of the behind the scenes criminality occurring by the WT Society and it's leaders. I look forward to your views. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • kairos
    Looking forward to more! Wow. Is the ORG in "free fall"?
  • Vidiot

    Acknowledging that it happens, whilst in virtual denial that it happens.


    Know what this actually looks like to me?

    An unholy trinity of cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization, and straight-up burying your head in the sand...

    ...all at the same f**king time.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Interesting find FLIPPER. . . . but unfortunately, not at all shocking.
  • Vidiot

    MarkSutter - "How does Richard Ashe get off saying that most of fellow JWs 'don't want to hear about these things'? Why? So the elders and WT leaders won't be embarrassed that felony child abuse is alive and happening within many congregations?"

    I suspect Ashe was being more honest than he realized.

    I don't think it's about embarrassment per se (although I'm sure it's a factor).


    Loyalist JWs probably wouldn't want to hear it... might undermine their confidence that the WTS is God's Earthly organization...

    ...and the WTS knows it.

  • Terry

    The nonsensical notion that Elders are "trained" to counsel people who have been molested is totally unsupported.

    What medical, psychological, psychiatric, or legal expertise do window washers, janitors, plumbers and such actually possess for the position they hold?

    Let's start with: NONE.

  • wifibandit

    Good point Terry!

    I would love to have the full video of his deposition. It is just the opposite of what they want the R&F to believe (see Lett's morning worship).

    Thank you for sharing this info flipper!

  • Crazyguy
    Or the just df the victim. I knew a girl that was date rape by a bible study that fained interest only to be with her. The elder told her to be nice to him since he was studying. After she was raped she waited until her pregnancy was becoming obvious to say anything to anyone, which is typically. She went to the elders of the hall she grew up in and instead of support the df'd her. These cult loosers are scum.
  • Vidiot

    Terry - "What medical, psychological, psychiatric, or legal expertise do window washers, janitors, plumbers and such actually possess for the position they hold?"


    Those are all the method's Satan's World uses.

    Any JW worth his salt knows that prayer, study, and the regular application of the two-witness rule is vastly superior.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The old "Pile on and contradict yourself" tactic:

    "Your honor, my client never raped that woman. He never even met her and he was out of town with his wife. Besides, she consented to having sex with him that night, so how could it be rape. Plus, this isn't the woman he raped anyway."

    According to legal experts:

    In general, when a party accused of a crime contradicts himself, it is presumed he does so because he is guilty, for truth does not contradict itself and is always consistent, whereas falsehood is generally inconsistent and the truth of some known facts will contradict the falsehood of those which are falsely alleged to be true.

    A lawyer for the client could substitute for "a party accused of a crime" in this case. I presume the rest of what that says above.

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