Richard Ashe Court Deposition - " Let elders handle child abuse- don't talk about it "

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  • flipper

    IOWN MYLIFE- Marina- what a really great example you give of the Japanese soldier who would not surrender being compared to JW's that are still deeply indoctrinated. I totally agree. It's just beyond their comprehension that the GB could ever be wrong, could ever be criminal, could ever have ulterior motives for " using " the rank & file JW's like they do. It's almost like JW's have to get knocked in their heads with injustices personally to be able to face reality. And even then- some of them won't admit it.

    ZEB- If I'm not mistaken Richard Ashe is on the service committee at Bethel ( I may be wrong ) - but he was testifying in court about how the WT Society handles child abuse cases. WT was pointing to him as an " expert " - but I believe attorney Irwin Zalkin shredded him to pieces.

    CHA CHING- Thanks for verifying that , yeah I thought he was in the service department.

    ARWEN - You are so very welcome ! Hey man- access to information is everything ! You know ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wifibandit

    Richard Ashe is a Bethelite (former D.O.) and one of the Service departments "experts" (Person Most Qualified) on matters involving child sexual abuse.

    *** w05 7/1 p. 14 They Are Making Themselves Available ***

    Richard Ashe conducted interviews with Bethel family members who work closely with the school. Their comments gave insight into the support the Bethel family gives to help Gilead students to get the most out of their schooling.

    *** w04 6/15 p. 27 Gilead Graduates Go Forth as Zealous Harvest Workers! ***

    Following these experiences, Richard Ashe and John Gibbard conducted interviews with several longtime faithful servants of Jehovah, including traveling overseers who were receiving special training at the Watchtower Educational Center.


    He seemed like an idiot who was scared shitless. Maybe he is getting thrown under the bus?


  • flipper

    WIFIBANDIT- So it seems like Richard Ashe IS very involved in upper echelon things going on in WT land. Being on the service committee and all. But man oh man, just reading his court testimony you can still tell he is so freaking mind controlled it's pathetic.

    DATA-DOG- Good point you bring out. I wonder what kind of backlash he is getting from his WT superiors for his court testimony ? And like you say if they are throwing him under the bus I wonder how they are doing that ? I'm sure he's just a fall guy for the big boys of the WT Society. Sacrificial lamb as you will

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