Richard Ashe Court Deposition - " Let elders handle child abuse- don't talk about it "

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  • Illuminated
    What he says is pure bullshit. From my loved ones experience, he was told it would be slander if he warned others about it and would be disfellowshipped. They don't give two cents about the victim.
  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "...the WTBTS leaders care more about saving face, than saving children."

    Correct, but I think there's another possibility, too...

    ...that if the sheer amount of names of the accused were to become public knowledge - and in particular, known to the R&F and believed - a critical degree of membership confidence in the Society (as God's Earthly Org) would be at risk...

    ...and/or a critical number of JW parents would take their kids and walk, simply because they weren't able find a congregation where there wasn't an accused child abuser (another reason why eventually morphing into an internet-exclusive e-religion would work better for the WTS)


    Data-Dog - "They view reform as an admission of guilt..."

    Not only that, but authoritarian regimes absolutely hate to be seen capitulating to their opponents.

  • flipper

    Been working a lot lately, finally have a little time to reply to you folks. Thanks so much for the great responses ! Really interesting observations.

    KAIROS- I'll post some more threads in a couple weeks or so from other documents I have downloaded. WT Society is running scared indeed. I don't know if they are in a free fall- but they are against the ropes being pounded by a boxer called " information access" from the Internet.

    VIDIOT- Richard Ashe and all the other higher ups in the WT organization are really good at compartmentalizing the information and hiding information as well. They've been trained to ONLY reveal what is necessary to courts - and even then it's like pulling hen's teeth to get anything out of them. You make a good point about JW's not wanting to hear it because it will undermine their " trust " or " faith " in the WT organization. You hit a nail on the head there for sure.

    BREAKFAST of CHAMPIONS- Indeed not surprising, but interesting to see the total callousness of Richard Ashe and WT leaders.

    TERRY- Good point you make- NO elders are trained to be counselors regarding child abuse issues. They don't have educated training from universities or majors in psychology or mental health training. WT is ludicrous in claiming to have " trained elders " - only thing they are trained in is going along with WT leaders directions.

    WIFIBANDIT- You are welcome. I would have loved to see all of Richard Ashe's testimony as well. At least I read it. Just sharing the juicy parts here.

    CRAZYGUY- That's disgusting what happened to that rape victim. Just disgusting. It's so common in the JW organization though that the victim gets blamed.

    Gotta take a break, be back later to reply to the rest of the comments

  • flipper

    ON THE WAY OUT- Indeed Richard Ashe contradicted himself often in his testimony. He's learned from the best in the business the GB and WT higher ups. I believe background checks should occur too before appointing elders- but as you state that will never happen. Then it would really show that the alleged " holy spirit " isn't running this operation. And I agree with you- WT needs to start treating child abuse accusations like they would murder accusations. To do any less is an insult to children and their parents.

    DESIROUS of CHANGE- Elders aren't trained for anything other than following the WT leaders orders. You know - like good, er , bad Nazi soldiers.

    DATA-DOG- As you mentioned WT Society will probably never take the time to do background checks as they are too arrogant to feel they need to be double checked on anything. It's all about their feeling of entitlement that prevents them from obeying the law in the first place.

    JW LEAKS- Thanks for the reference to the " straw man " argument style. Exactly what Richard Ashe was doing.

    RETROVIRUS- Yeah, by insisting on the asinine " two witness rule " - WT Society definitely sets child abuse victims up to suffer in silence. It's criminal and disgusting.

    CHA CHING- Good point. Not being in their best interest could very well be interpreted as " getting DFed. " Good point.

    TRUTHSEEKERIAM- You bring up a really good point that by silencing victims of child abuse- it definitely empowers child molesters and pedophiles to get away with even more crimes. WT Society is training elders to aid and abet felony crimes within their congregations. Pretty sick.

    POKERPLAYERPHIL- WT Society only cares about the bottom line- following WT legal department orders and preventing financial loss to the WT organization. Whether WT leaders commit crimes or not- it's irrelevant to WT legal or WT leaders. Just save face and APPEAR to the public to have an air of " respectability ". WT leaders and WT attorneys as well as Ashe perjured themselves many times on the stand in court- but to them it's just " theocratic warfare " to defeat the " worldly authorities "

    Be back to answer pg. 2 in awhile.

  • flipper

    ILLUMINATED - You are exactly right. WT leaders are very good BS artists. They don't care one bit about the rank & file JW's or safety of children.

    VIDIOT- I agree with what you're saying. If big names of higher up WT Society men were released or exposed as being child molesters and it came out in the news I believe lots of JW parents with children would start questioning things . And some would walk away from the organization as you stated. But the heavily mind controlled fanatics would chalk it up to " persecution " from the media. Of course, right ? But we need to keep banging that drum making people aware of the WT Society's criminal behavior

  • flipper
    Wanted to bump this up in case any weekenders had missed it. Thanks for any and all replies
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    JWs who have never heard of the pedo problem in WT or simply put it down to persecution, remind me of that famous story of Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese guerrilla soldier sent to an island in the Phillipines. He could not believe any news of Japan surrendering or the war ending, for over 29 years! Finally the Japanese government located his commanding officer and sent him to give the news to Onoda. It's an incredible story that can illustrate the behavior of an indoctrinated mind.

    So also are many brainwashed JW. They believe completely that any negative info about the WT must be persecution. They can squash all cog diss from any red flags. They excuse criminal behavior by repeating the imperfect men mantra. Just as Hiroo Onoda repeated "Japan would never surrender, this is a lie from the Allies."


  • zeb
    Just enlighten me who is this Ashe character.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Ashe is a higher up in the Service Department, he gave a deposition saying, 'spiritual protection is what elders do, physical protection is what secular authorities are for'..... Basically, he said "if you want physical protection, go to the police" but in reality, most JW's will not go to police/ secular authorities in an attempt to " keep Jehovah's name from being reproached".... when REALLY, it is a reproach when children are not protected physically.

  • arwen
    thanks. Flipper for all your info!!

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