Was I too harsh?

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  • smiddy

    A warm welcome to you chrisuk ,their was nothing harsh or impolite about your e-mail to him ,his next move will probably be to find out via your mom what your problem with the organization is.(if you cant get in the front door try the back door approach)


  • laverite

    Welcome! No, not harsh at all. You are clear, direct, polite and firm. Perfection! I'm very impressed.

  • Hortensia

    Sometimes we have the feeling that being straightforward is harsh, because most of us were brought up to be mealy-mouthed and to never offend anyone. You were direct, and also courteous and friendly. Good letter.

  • chrisuk

    Thank you for all the replies it's very kind of you all. Also, thanks again to everyone on the site for all the great infomation. I've been reading here for a while and it's thanks to this site & JWfacts that I never became a JW. Someone asked if my mom and I were ever baptized, no we never took the plung. I did come very close though. My mom hasn't attended meeting for a while no, she hasn't even had a study for a long time. But, and there is a but, She wont hear a bad word said about the JW's. I keep trying to get her to look on JWFacts but she wont. She has a friend ho's a long time JW, they have tea together once a week, and anything I bring up that's negative of the watchtower my mom asks a friend and accepts any answer she is given.

    I think I'm going to lay off trying to convince my mom that this relgion really is just a cult for a while. I figure that the elder may talk with my moms friend to ask if I'm filling my moms head with ideas, so I won't give them any amunision. I'll just go silent about the watchtoer for a month or 2, and in the meantime I'll try and build my case against them, so I'm ready with the facts for my mom once I've finished with my silent faze. It's really difficult ith my mom because even though she's never been baptized and doesn't attend the meetings, she does act like a witness and boldly states that she believes everything they teach. The truth is my mom hasn't got a clue about their real teachings. She doesn't know that they teach Jesus is only the mediator for the gb for example. I could go on, but I'll leave it there for no.

    Thanks again to everyone and keep up the excellent work you do here.



  • laverite

    I've known of various people who, like your mother, swear up and down the JWs have the truth and that they are true believers in what is being taught, yet they do not go to meetings or in field service. They won't hear a negative word about Watchtower Corp. But they do not do what is required of the dubbies in terms of meetings, service, etc.

    How can you believe it with ever fibre of your being yet at the same time not get baptised, go to all meetings, and out in service? I don't get it!

  • chrisuk

    Laverite, that's my mom down to a T. I think I'll have my work cut out trying to make my mom see what the watchtower truely is. But on a happy note I've told all my family and friends about this site, JWFacts and I've told them they can stop the JW'S calling round by simply asking to be put on a do not call list

  • bigmac

    Hi Chris--i guess youre in the UK--like me. there have been several new members here lately--from the UK--heres a link to some of us.


    ( how do i make that clickable guys--? )

    great email by the way!

  • Sayswho

    Welcome...not harsh at all.

    However I think you have a opportunity to state one or two reasons you decided not to study. This may bring to light things he does not know. It can be done without being rude, just as a mater of fact.


  • Adventurousone

    Hello ChrisUK:

    I just mentioned to someone else about the March 15th 2012 page 20 paragraph 2 which states " The other shheep should NEVER forget that their salvation depends on their active support of Christs annointed brothers still on the earth." This got under my skin. Who do they think they are to want to take Christs place. I thought our salvation comes through Jesus through God not the annointed. So maybe you could dig up that article and bring that out to her. And another point that someone brought out to you is how can anyone believe but not go to the meetings, field service, or for that matter not even get baptized. Maybe because deep down inside she knows theres something wrong. Only she knows for sure. Maybe you can question her on this. Good Luck on this matter.


  • problemaddict

    Why so many from the UK in recently? Interesting.

    I agree with most here. I don't think it was harsh. I might have thrown in a couple "reasons" in a kind and respectful way just for the sake of possibly planting a seed, but that is just me. I think you were fine.

    Your mother is making a classic relation of the entire group of JW's, with her one friend. You speaking bad about them, is speaking bad about here. For sure there are some amazing and self sacrificing great people that are JW's. Its easier to sway people when they have a bastard elder running the show, than when they have high tea with a fantastic human being. :)

    So in the future, it isn't about the JW's, its about their teachings. Separate the two. You might get somewhere.

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