Why does god kill children?

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  • Hummingbird001

    This part struck me between the eyes:


    Is it okay for you to make personal jabs, but not for someone to respond to you as you are speaking to them?

    You had previously stated that you do not view certain parts of the Bible as inspired. This statement in conjunction with what you said above ^^^^^ makes me wonder...

    Are you saying that the parts of the Bible that advise "return evil for evil to no one" and "turn the other cheek" and "do not go reviling in return"...etc. are not inspired? Or they just don't apply to you? I'm not trying to be a smarty-pants, but I've seen you use that line of reasoning quite a few times here - that it is okay for you to treat others badly, if you feel they are treating you badly. It's an attitude that seems to go against what I believe Jesus' advise was.

    Also, where would such an attitude end? If soemone stole from you, would you then say it's okay for you to steal from them in retaliation?

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
    that it is okay for you to treat others badly, if you feel they are treating you badly. It's an attitude that seems to go against what I believe Jesus' advise was.


    Great point, Hummingbird. I noticed it too but anticipated if I pointed it out it would result in another litany by Tammy.

    And that same Christian will get all bent out of shape when a person criticizes many Christians as being hypocrites.

    Tammy is so in love with Jesus, and encourages people here to follow his teachings, yet she dismisses/marginalizes one of his simplest and most direct commands.

    Tammy, you posted a definition for "inspired". Care to post one for "hypocrite" with the same enthusiasm?

  • tec

    No, not at all, hummingbird.

    Do not return evil for evil... absolutely true. Sometimes I fail in that (in responding to snark with snark)... but that would be MY failing.

    Telling him that I do not think that he is thinking on this matter through... is not a jab at his intelligence, as he suggests, though. I have already stated that.

    Could I have found a better way to respond? Perhaps. I could have just called him out for what he was doing... not thinking this through, as he is accusing others of not thinking this through. Not to insult. Just to show what was being done.



  • Hummingbird001

    I'm sorry, I didn't intend to put her on the spot. It's just that she often says for others to test what the Bible says against a law of love and whether it comes from Jesus. I did that because she claims to speak for Jesus and this part of her hearing from Jesus seems to go against what I believe the Bible and Jesus says. I do not hear Jesus so I guess I have to go with what she says. This seems a contradiction.

  • Monsieur

    This should should throw a HUGE red flag out there.

    The vast expanse between 'god of love' and killing of any living creature, much less children should make one stop and think, "this does not add up in any conceivable, logical, etc way imaginable. "

    ANY religion teaching this has a very complicated time explaining it.

  • tec

    I won't be able to respond to anything more until later... off to work. And if you thought I was doing something wrong and against Christ and love, then I have NO problem with you for pointing it out, Hummingbird... but would be glad you did so. You are right to do so.



  • Hummingbird001
    Not to insult. Just to show what was being done.

    Oh, you are teaching him a lesson. I see. Thank you for answering, I think my last posting was done the same time as your's.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Christians claim the OT contains at least 365 prophecies pointing to Jesus.

    Tammy/tec says that not all of the OT is inspired.

    2 Timothy 3:16 says that all of the OT/Torah is inspired.

    So, Tammy, since you have firmly stated that not all of the OT is inspired, how can you be sure the Jesus you believe in is the right one? You called into question the very foundation you use to establish your own beliefs. I believe it was your Jesus who said "a house divided against itself will fall".

    You've stated repeatedly you think I haven't thought this through. In reality I have thought it through. Acknowledging the obvious conclusion is too painful for you to admit. That's the real issue.

    You interpret this as an insult: ADCMS:And, the truly sad part is, they haven't thought about it enough to realize what they're doing, but will argue their position ad nauseum.

    But really all I've done is make an obvious observation. And everytime you post a rebuttal, you reinforce that observation and add to the validity of my statement. By all means, keep posting.


    Sometimes I fail in that (in responding to snark with snark)...

    I wasn't being snarky. I was asking questions attempting to get a logical explanation for your claims. I find it interesting that when you're asked to offer supportive evidence and a rational explanation for your assertions, you label the questioner as a "snark".

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    We got a little off-topic, Comatose.Sorry. I'd like to see an answer to this question also:

    Comatose: Myelaine you ignored my very relevant question. Why did god demand the death of infants but allow 32k virgins to be kept for the pleasure of the fighting men AND priests?

  • Comatose

    Most humorous of all is how this turns into voices I hear in my head are Jesus and god. And how the original questions and points start getting dodged.

    There were several clear examples cited where children were killed and it is cruel. We have only had one person successfully address the main topic from a stand point that agrees with the killings. However, the point was missed that genocide is never okay, and in some cases discussed it wasn't genocide. It was just first borns or all but the virgins.

    Tec contends those accounts are either not true or that it wasn't god who told them to do that. That they as bad people made the choice. But, were they not gods chosen people? Did not Jesus bloodlines come about through those chosen people? How can you use the OT to validate Jesus lineage or the covenant with Abraham, or the original sin, when you just dismiss portions of it at will?

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