Stop calling Britain, England.

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  • AlanF

    Whaddya mean? Canada is part of the USA. Just like Alaska. Quebec, on the other hand...


  • iggy_the_fish

    Sleepy - ever noticed how the "Wales" is the standard unit of geographical area as used on BBC news broadcasts? For example, when a large bit of Antarctica breaks off, or a large amount of rainforest is destroyed, it's always "an area half the size of Wales", or "an area 3 times the size of Wales".

    Why isn't Milton Keynes on that map?

    Iggy_the_fish, relative stranger.

  • Nemesis


    “Nemesis your little rant reminded me of that scripture where that man was in church praying, ‘Thank you God that I am not like that man over there.’”

    Not sure what you are implying, as it was not “a rant”. If I was Scottish, Spanish, Italian, etc. I would be proud to say so, the same for any other culture, and background. Maybe you feel something missing in your life, and that provokes your comments, but why should I deny my history, heritage, culture, and my country’s achievements? I get everyone else's stuffed in my face all the time where I live, am I supposed to shy away and be ashamed of who I am? I understand if you cannot grasp that as your history is vastly different to ours, but hey, don’t have a go at me because you are different.

  • sleepy


    Ahem, Ahem ,Ahem , cought , splutter
    "I like being called English because I am! We make up almost 82% of Great Britain’s population. Where as the welsh make up less than 2% (Sorry sleepy)"
    2% no way.
    5% thats more like it .60 mill. Brits 3 mill. Welsh =5%
    We just doubled in size.

    Rant Rant Rant.

  • Hmmm
    which occupied most of what is now France and Switzerland

    They're in the same area? I thought Switzerland was a suburb of Nova Scotia


  • Hyghlandyr

    Some dude or broad said:

    The Europeans are just as bad. I have heard you all call us Americans, Yanks. As my daddy always says "I ain't no dam yankie, I'm a Texan."
    Afeckinmen. I grew up mostly in Texas and all in parts all over the south. I have lost most of my accent, since I have not been there past 1985. Still I say yall...and accent or no I am not a yank. As they say
    American by birth, but southern by the grace of god.
    Nevertheless I tolerate our inferiors elsewhere in the world who cannot understand that
    Texas, its a whole nuther country
    As far as the proud anglo, I feel for ya bro. I used to be really pissed at the teacup niggas as I call them, for remainin in Eire. Then it dawned on me one day, after seeing a great many anglo broads. You have cause to be there. Irish women of course. If I were anglo I'd be spendin' ever moment of me time in good ole Eire if I could.
  • Lesley

    Hi iggy,

    Are you from Milton Keynes? or are you just being sarcastic about the place? People usually are!

    We used to live there until a few years ago.

  • sleepy

    I went to Milton Keynes once.
    It was only when we looked at our map that we realised we had driven straight through without noticing it.

  • Lesley


    The roundabouts in Milton Keynes all look the same, they had to name them so people know where they're at! Awful place! I'm actually from an old town which was swallowed up by Milton Keynes. I was glad to move!

  • expatbrit

    Does Milton Keynes still have the concrete cows?


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