GB (Splane) says JW parent should "force" their children

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  • Joliette

    @ Outlaw:

    LOL why is Sam Herd Captain KFC???? Outlaw lol.

  • Mary

    Oh god.....why do they keep embarassing themselves like this? I wonder how long it'll be before we see this one:

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    You know, this reminds me of the situation in certain war-torn African nations. Once the adult soldiers get killed off, the armies have to start recruiting children to carry on the fight. They forcefully indenture the children, then hook them on drugs to keep them dependent on the leaders and amoral about killing. As soon as a boy is big enough to carry a gun, off he goes to fight.

    So are the adult JWs dropping off to the point where the children need to 'take up arms'?

  • Hummingbird001

    Imagine the guilt trips for all the parents of unbaptized early-teens sitting in the audience listening to that.

    An unbaptized 13 year old is now considered a parenting fail.

  • moomanchu

    Isn't there a minimum age to work in Sweden? According to this link, light work is 13 and I think Mc Donalds might be 16?

    This would make the analogy really stupid.

    When you work at Mc Donalds you get what you are promised your paycheck.

    When you work for the Watchtower you just get more promises.

  • GreenhornChristian

    "You don't miss field service!"

    "You don't miss meetings!"

    you are absolutely right! I don't miss them one bit.


    @ Outlaw: LOL why is Sam Herd Captain KFC???? Outlaw lol....Joliette

    My imagination runs wild,one look at Herd..


    I pictured him with a Cape and a Bucket of KFC..

    He doesn`t look like he`s missed a meal in a long time..


    ............................ photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • 5go

    I wish I could go back in time and not give these people the satisfaction seeing me get dunked at the age of 20 I should of went with my gut when I was 13 and just gracefully left as soon as I had a chance and joined the military. Yeah I might of died but at least it would of been for something I would of made the majority of my family happy.

  • jamir

    Quote from Mr Spane:

    "And the parents say: 'Well, you know, I don't like to force my children to do something they don't want to do' or 'I want it to come from the heart'. But is that really wise?"

    Quote from w12 2/1 pp. 18-21:

    Myth: Parents who are Jehovah’s Witnesses force their children to follow their faith.

    Fact: Witness parents strive to inculcate love for God in their offspring, just as the Bible commands them to. Nevertheless, they realize that when a child becomes an adult, he or she will make a personal choice with regard to worship.

    Contradictions, contradictions everywhere!!!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Dispensing food at the proper time worldwide in over 120 countries. . . . Just like McDonald's

    This bunch is more out of touch than we can imagine. Equating the "progress" made by studying for 5 years with an adult to studying with a five year old. . . Clueless. . . .

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