GB (Splane) says JW parent should "force" their children

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  • punkofnice

    Typical GB....always wanting to abuse children in any way they can!

    The GB protect paedophiles after all!

  • minimus

    They have lost the children. It's just too late. Making the parents feel guilty wont change anything. Nobody has to do anything. According to the GB, you just simply have to resign yourself to go to meetings, service and other BS. They just won't get it.

  • minimus

    Excellent, video, and thank you for producing it

  • Cadellin

    Sheesh, what an idiot. Now they're coming down on parents whose 10-year old isn't an unbap pub? And 13-year olds who aren't bap? This is unquestionably a move to a more conservative and defensive stance. I was raised in the "truth," was the epitome of the good little daughter and no one thought it in the least bit questionable when I got dunked at 15. That was even considered a bit on the young side. My sister got dunked at 19, no biggie. We were the children of an elder, all in good standing, parts on the assembly, the whole nine yards.

    It's clear that the borg is adopting the desperate strategy of roping the children in early and tight, especially when you combine this with the increased hardcore stance on communicating w/DF'd children...To paraphrase Princess Leiea, "The more the Watchtower tightens its grip, the quicker those waking up to TTATT will slip through its fingers." Desperate times for the Empire, indeed.

  • punkofnice

    It's control.

    Jesus (if he existed) was dunked at 30 or whatever not 12. You'd have thought the perfect son of god would have been dunked early.

    Follow the Christ? Not the JWs!!

  • SaritaJ

    frankiespeakin wrote:

    Sweden has a no spanking law and they are taking action against child abuse in its many forms Splane should be reported to the proper authorities:


    Not just Sweden, Denmark too.

    Splane is delusional if he thinks this kind of reasoning will make an positive impact in Scandinavia. Maybe in the foreign language congregations.

    I hear in Denmark kids can ask to be given shelter by the city council if the parents try to force religion on them.

    Bo Jul(sp) the Norwegian AWWA rep should make the media in Scandinavia aware of this video urging parents to force their kids to get baptised.This would make a good campaign AWAA!!!

    According to Splane's reasoning, there must be something wrong with Jehovah's teaching method since jesus was baptised at age 30.


    Thanks for the clear reasoning AnnOmaly. After watching o'l bullet head, I was feeling the tractor beams trying to suck me back in. I was like, " Well, if you have a job you can't make excuses.. that makes sense sort of..." Thanks for making it so clear for me. Those guys are a sneaky bunch. We don't get paid to work for God. Salvation is not do to works. If it was then it would not be a free gift. You don't earn a free gift!

    I also want to add this experience. When in the back room with the Elders, one of their complaints was that I disagreed with some of their decisions. One decision was not recommending brothers for appointments because their children ( we are talking kids who are 10 and under ) were not getting enough service time. I told them that children are not adults. As adults we sometimes force ourselves to do things that must be done, that is part of being an adult. Children should not be forced to act like adults, because they simply can't do it. Also, they need to be children.

    They gave some speech like Bullet-head, and some excuses. I finally just had to tell them that I disagreed 110% with them. There was no reasoning with them. So if anyone ever wonders why many Elders are indifferent to others situations and why they have warped views, now you know. Just look at their spiritual leaders.

  • flipper

    I think Julia Orwell's post is one of the most accurate posts on this thread in regards to the WT Society leaders motivation and I totally agree with her. As many others have stated the GB wants slaves so they try recruiting young, moldable, plyable minds BEFORE these JW kids turn 15 so as to criminally indoctrinate them. As Julia stated the GB knows all the older ones are dying off and they can't reach 15 to 25 year olds directly because as Minimus stated - they've already lost them- so the next tactic is to guilt-trip the parents of these pre 15 yr.olds to get them hooked up, baptized joining the WT military so to speak where they'll have them by the balls- the collective short and curly's - and they can't escape without negative repercussions in these young people's lives. You are so right Julia- very maniulative, tricky and insidious of WT leaders. Disgusting

  • gingerbread

    The speakers that represent the WTBS - in this case a member of the GB - say things in talks that are only implied in print. A fading JW friend told me a couple of years ago that they tell us everything to our faces. It's just that after a while (years) we turn it off - it doesn't register in our minds anymore.

    A few years ago, a circuit overseer commented - during a service coffee break - that the society is being (now more than ever) run like a 'business.' He was right!

    McDonalds is an appropriate illustration for Splane to use. The employee structure in this company works. Hire young, energetic workers who are delighted with their first job - at minimum wage in the US. The store/corporate environment is all about working together and hittings goals. From this young employee pool the managers will groom future managers and weed out the slackers.

  • Heartofaboy

    Oh my, you're all talking abusively of glorious ones don't ya know?............. hehe

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