GB (Splane) says JW parent should "force" their children

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  • ProfCNJ

    Wow, these posts are very revealing and enlightening! I can definitely relate.

    I have a 12-year old daughter going to 13. She approached me and she said she wants to be an unbaptized publisher. Part of me wanted to give a good commendation, but another part is telling me to explain to her not to be to hasty with the decision, especially when school season is just about to begin.

    With all the arguments and explanations, I thought we ought to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. He got baptized at an age mature enough to make a very serious commitment on serving his Father. And if age will the main basis, I guess 13-15 would be way too young. Earliest could be when one reaches majority age, which is 18. But if we will use the age of the Son of God as primary reference, then 25 years old or older would be more Christian, close to the Christ's age. Neverthless, maturity is something relative, not dicated or determined soley by age.


    They do tell you everything to your face. You just have to know that the WTBTS is not God's channel of truth to hear it! Our CO is a nut! He ranted and raved on stage about how everyone not in the " ARK " is going to die. ARK= baptized JW. He also said that any Family or Bible studies " around " the truth should be written off until baptized. " Don't tell yourself that they really love Jehovah, but just have trouble with " the truth. They DO NOT LOVE JEHOVAH, THEY DO NOT!! If they did, where are they?!"

    They may just destroy themselves...

  • flipper

    DATA- " They may just destroy themselves...... " . Let's hope so. One can only hope

  • frankiespeakin

    These Governing Body guys are getting really desperate and they think they are on the moral high ground with having parents forcing their children to go door to door for the corporation's promotional advertisements and religious propaganda, as well as forbidding them to get a good education, and dying if they need a blood transfussion to save their lives.

    These GB are so oblivious to reality they think they are in the right and the governments under the imaginary control of Satan are in the wrong when it comes to disciplining children to work for the Corporation. It's a business after all run by religious fanatics.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    That is one bad combover he's sporting. What an ass.

  • frankiespeakin

    Splane says: that by time these young ones are in their early teens(13,14) they can become solid servants of Jehovah God(the corporation's sock puppet), which amounts to a indoctrinated(baptised) 13 year old working for the Watchtower corporation for free! Not to mention now they have them in a contract(baptism) with the Corporation and can be shunned if not obediant to corporation directives giving these pruney old men on the GB ultimate control over their young lives much to their own detriment, and wholly for the WT's Corporation interest.

    I hope they can be stopped from this expoitation of child labor.

  • BU2B

    So many on the GB just look and sound so WEIRD!! The things they say and the way they say it should be a real wake up call to a JW with 2 brain cells! THESE ARE THE GUYS RUNNING THE SHOW!! They barely crack open a bible in any of their talks! Its all control control control and guilt guilt guilt! Splane and Lett seem the craziest, Morris seems like he has leftover mental issues from the war. I relly hope Lett comes to our A$$embly, maybe my wife will see just how CRAZY the men she trusts are.

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