WOW!!! I scored BIG at the Donut Shop!

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  • Simon

    Reminds me of my visit to the barbers a few months ago:

    There I was, sat in the chair trying to look at things other than the hairdresser Sheena (she's so dreamy, lol) when in pop two pioneers (one an elder) and popped a WT & Awake on the table with the mags & newspapers ... "hi, just dropping of our mags".

    I don't think they noticed me.

    On the way out I picked them up and threw them in the trash. Hey, I like to do my bit to protect the community from cults and waste a bit of the WTS's ink & paper.

    There was no outcry BTW ... I probably just saved them a job as I have never seen them lying around in there but it sounded like they dropped them off regularly.

  • joelbear

    Well Lisa,

    On this ranting I agree with you. I never read the magazines with any serious effort even when I was a pioneer. I also knew in my heart that most people I placed them with were giving me money to get me to leave them alone. I also knew that the 100s or 1000s of magazines I left in doctor's waiting rooms, laundramats, etc. were probably thrown away a moment after I left.

    All a con game to make people seem that they are spreading useful information to people. In our day and age especially, the depth of the material presented in the magazines is not of any use to anyone. It simply doesn't convey enough information.


  • Billygoat


    What makes me giggle is that the two pioneers notice every week their mags are gone. They're probably thinking, "Wow. We're doing good work. The magazines are gone. Someone's taking these home and reading them!" If they only knew.


  • detective

    Joel's post made me wonder how much people paid for magazines to place? Anyone want to give an estimate on how much you spent (just to leave them in a closet or garage or donut shop)?

  • Dutchie

    Wow, an eclair covered in chocolate. How many did you have? Was it delicious? (Haven't been to lunch yet.)

  • RR

    I'm a Letter Carrier for the post office, I find magazines and tracts all the time, stuck between doors, in mail boxes, [a big no-no, a federal offense] I just scoop them up and dispose of them.

    Hey Lisa, I predict, by the end of year, you'll be about 350 lbs

  • Farkel


    : Anybody want me to mail you any of this garbage?

    Yeah, send them to me. My parrot loves Watchtowers placed at the bottom of his cage.

    (It's a perfectly good waste of parrot-poop if you ask me, though.)


  • Yerusalyim

    Can I have the 93 issue?

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • AvailableLight

    Amazing - so true.

    There are those who read the magazines religiously, laboring over every word. I am not and never was one of them, but they do exist. These obnoxious types like to grill you in field service car groups, asking pointless questions. The conversations would go something like:

    Obnoxious Publisher: "Did you notice the new point in the caption of the third picture adjacent to paragraph 7 in the second study article of the newest WT?"

    Me: "Yes."

    OP: "Didn't that make you feel wonderful and thankful and yet humbled at the same time for the gift of spiritual light?"

    Me: "Yes."

    OP: "So how do you feel about the "old understanding" of this issue in light of the new?"

    Me: "I feel like a shade of dim lavender."

    OP: Puzzled look. Apparently realizes I'm being sarcastic; comes to realization I've not read WT article in question. Oh the horror! Opens up issue and begins to read to me, kindly ignoring the fact that I said I'd previously seen the article. Summarizes the three-sentence caption for me after having read it to me in a condescending tone, making sure to dumb it down so I can understand it. How loving.

    Me: "F-ck you."

    OP: "Excuse me!?"

    Me: "Ker-choo."

    OP: "Oh. Kleenex?"

    Me: Declines.

    OP: Disdainful look.

    Me: "I believe the next door is yours. Would you mind taking sister Bimbo's little brat with you?"

    And so it went.


    I must admit that I too was at times seduced by the prospect of reporting huge numbers of magazine placements afforded by laundromat periodical racks and other similar areas. And I knew they'd be most likely thrown away. But then again, there was always that miniscule hope that perhaps a seed of truth would be planted...

  • LDH

    RR, you cut it out dude. I'm trying to lose the last of my baby weight, LOL. I was thinking there is NO WAY I should be going to get a donut...

    ...all the way to the shop.....

    ....tried to resist and couldn't....

    .....found out when I got there......

    It was Jehovah's holy spirit directing me all along! Now, who am *I* to grieve the Holy Spit?

    The next time I get the urge for junk food, I will remember this experience and allow myself to be seduced by sugar for the good of all humanity!

    If any of you really want this shit stuff, email me your addy I'll drop it in the good old reliable USPS.

    Hey RR, while you're doing your rounds did you ever have to deliver any WT and Awake? I smell expired subscriptions, LOL!


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