WOW!!! I scored BIG at the Donut Shop!

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  • ISP

    I remember when I was pioneering (with 'Rummy' btw) and hairdressers were a favorite drop off point as were petrol stations! No donut shops in the UK! You can get do-nuts but you have to go to a bakers.


  • RR

    Yep .... I have a few JW's on my route, I use to deliver to the Kingdom Hall. The JW on my route always gives me the latest mags.

  • thewiz

    Doesn't anyone here believe in recycling?

    I mean, it could end up as toilet paper. It would be nice to know that for every 1% or 2% of the toilet paper I use to wipe my ass, consisted of something from the WTB&TS.

    That way, I feel I'm giving something back, not once, but twice over.

  • saltiest

    For so long I barely even glanced at the magazines, but once I became a teen, I read the "Young People Ask" article...and laughed at the poor kids who actually believed that crap.

    I remember how my mom, dad, and even oldest sister, tried so hard to get me to study the Watchtower every week for the Sunday meeting. I finally got tired of them asking and spent one afternoon using every color highlighter, and wrote in teenie weenie print, the FULL scripture text of all the scriptures mentioned. There was hardly any white left on the pages. That shut them up because the last thing thye wanted was for me to expect them to do that every week. From then on I wasn't expected to study.

    I never realized how much I hated those magazines until I moved out of my parents. I took the many boxes of magazines, sat in a lounge chair in my new back year and enjoyed the heat from an amazing bonfire. About all they're good for.


  • crownboy

    thewiz said:

    Doesn't anyone here believe in recycling?

    Precisely what I was thinking! I usually try to put the magazines in the recycling bin, so that it can be of some use to society. Just throwing it away is a total waste, almost like reading them is .

    (In NYC we must recycle stuff by law, but even in places where it isn't mandatory, it's still possible to do it. Think of the environment!)

    Go therefore and baptize the people in the name of the father and of the son... what the hell, we just need to bring up the yearbook numbers!

  • plmkrzy

    Lisa that is too funny but now I have this awful craving for a donut.
    satan musta followed you home and got into your computer now everyone who stops in here are going to leave and go to there nearest donut shop.

    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides
  • COMF

    I scored big when I found this one in a box of papers. Pristine condition--no markups, no stains, no weathering.

  • LDH


    I remember that mag well.

    It was like a bad car wreck--morbidly fascinating.


  • LDH

    While all of you slackers have been sitting around doing NOTHING in Jehoober's Book Sales Field Service, I have been busy, not forsaking my lord in my youth!!!

    Yes, that's right, I haven't forgotten this assignment, almost five months later. A lesser person would have lost the significance! I, however, have given it greatest importance!

    About once a month now I go for donuts. The last few months have yielded NOTHING, but do not despair. I still get my chocolate frosted cruellers as a consolation prize.

    But MAN OH MAN yesterday was a veritable GOLD MINE of Magazines! 6 in all! Just sitting there, ripe for the taking!

    I asked the Donut guy, "Hey can I take these?" He said, "Take all ya want, the Christians insist on leaving them." I didn't have the heart to tell him the terms JW and Christian are NOT synonymous. Instead, I gleefully selected my dastardly dozen, grabbed ALL SIX, and made my way home.

    Now. lest you are overly concerned about the trememdous caloric intake I sacrifice myself to just to do this important job for you all, don't worry. The baby and I walked to the donut shop, burning a whole 5 calories!!!!

    If you ask me nicely, I will post the dates and titles of said rags.


    Donut Shop Patroll Class

  • Introspection

    Hey Lisa, how are you doing? Your thread reminded me of this epoisode of the TV show Millenium that was on the FOX network - did you ever see the one with the demons sitting around chatting at the donut shop?

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