WOW!!! I scored BIG at the Donut Shop!

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  • LDH

    Well I took the little crumb-snatcher for a ride in the stroller this morning. Usually I meander over by the college with all of its big, shady trees.

    Well, SATAN himself musta been with me this morning cause I got a hankering for a DONUT! I eat maybe 4 donuts a year, not my thing....

    ANYHOW, I decide to turn for the donut shop where I choose my sin, an eclair covered in chocolate....

    I turn to look at the little stack of reading material and what do I see?

    The biggest stack of WBTS crap I've seen since I've been in a KH!

    I literally ran over to get them. In case you've missed your spiritual food, here are the magazines I took:

    1. Feb 22, 2002 Awake "How safe are you at wrok?"

    2. Feb. 15 2002 WT "How can you benefit from Godly Principles?" (TWO!)

    3. Feb 8 2002 Awake "The Wedding Day, making it a joyful beginning"

    4. Dec. 22 1999Awake "Kidnapping--Why a Global Threat?"

    5 July 15, 2001 WT "Is there life after death?"

    and the number one biggie that I got this morning:

    Nov 1


    WT "Unraveling the Mystery of the greatest name."

    Anybody want me to mail you any of this garbage? I intend to go for a donut once a week (I know, but someone has to make the sacrifice!) and Kollect this Kult Krap for the Garbage Can!

    You *KNOW* somebody counted 7 mags on their time sheet as placements, LOL.

    Hey BROOKLYN--NOBODY reads this crap. You're killing trees for crap NOBODY cares about. And it's about to make it's way into my recycle can.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Class

  • Billygoat
    I intend to go for a donut once a week (I know, but someone has to make the sacrifice!) and Kollect this Kult Krap for the Garbage Can!

    LOL! Lisa you crack me up! You are doing our community a wonderful service by making regular rounds at that donut shop! I wish I could join you!


  • Pathofthorns

    LOL.. Still trying to unload the "mysteries of the Greatest Name" magazine almost 10 years later. Some of those titles were just impossible to get rid of you and you didn't even bother trying.

    Note to self: save those ones for the laundrymats


  • Amazing

    Sometime in the early 1980s I got an attack of JW holiness ... and went through my ten year collection of 'older' issues of the magazines. I took them to laundromats, doctors offices, some half-way houses, and nursng homes ... about 1,000 magazines in all over a two month period.

    Many JWs save these in the garage ... in boxes ... with guilt ... and so, in time they get placed ... and then someone else tosses them out upon sighting them, just as you have done. This is what the Society fails to understand ... few people beyond their own members really read thier literature. Or they don't care. ... and even JWs really don't read all the literature ... they get through a couple of paragraphs, and put them down for later ... but later never really comes.

  • LDH

    Yup, Amazing I know what you mean!

    I intend to start posting some gems from these articles right now...

    Krispy Kreme Kult-stompers Klass (hey anybody see a "k" pattern here?)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ...I was expecting to read that the Doctor Of Donutology mis-counted and gave you 14 donuts in your "baker's dozen."

  • saltiest

    I just moved to Cali and was visiting the local health clinic to get the wonderful Depo Shot. As I was waiting I saw at least TEN magazines scattered through the waiting room. This pissed me off so much because the JW who placed them there knew exactly what they were doing, praying on the poor, week, and more likely single mothers. I proceeded to pick all of them up and stuff them in my bag. I don't even throw them in the garbage in the same place anymore because I've had a JW come by, see them there and take them out. So I took them home and tossed them in our garbage.

    Now, talk about feeling like I've done a good deed for the world. Anything, to save those out there that don't have the strength to ward the JW's off.

  • Pierced Angel
    Pierced Angel

    MMMM, a chocolate covered eclair, thanks for making me hungry!

    I used to feel really guilty about throwing away watchtowers and awakes. So bad, that several times at work cleaning out aircraft I'd leave old copies tucked neatly next to the airline magazine for passengers to peruse while in the air.
    Actually, I don't feel so bad... there were always an ample supply of barf bags at hand too.


  • TheStar

    Lisa, you're hilarious!

    Amazing, You are so right on the money!

    Saltiest, You go girl!

  • Mindchild

    Lisa...and I know exactly who left those magazines there...

    (Sorry for picking on you Freddie, but baby your ratings are way down and I'm doing my part to get you back up the ladder! )


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